Mets Get Four All-Star Nods

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I am so disappointed. Mets fans are always screaming, “We need to show the Mets we are not going to take this crap anymore“.

Oooo! You sure showed them. You voted four players into the All-Star game. That’s showing them. The Mets have the most players in the game this year.

What are you voting for them for? The only guy who really deserved it was Carlos Beltran. I can honestly say I did not vote this year. This team gave me no reason to.

Let me tell you who made the cut as voted by the fans. Here they are:

  • Carlos Beltran
  • David Wright – He beat out Chipper Jones and Ryan Zimmerman by over a million votes.

The pitchers that were selected to participate by Charlie Manuel:

  • Johan Santana
  • Francisco Rodriguez

Now that I have named them I can vent some more.

Where is Luis Castillo? The guy is the most improved player on this team from last year, while other guys are just getting worse. Castillo deserved to be there.

David Wright did not deserve to be there. He has made 12 errors already this season. He might break his record of 24 back in 2005. Seriously? This is the guy you want there? You think he deserved it? His batting average has dropped severely in the month of June alone to a .329 average. How it is that high is beyond me?

If Mets fans really wanted to make a statement to the Mets, you never would have voted for David Wright. You would have made him sit at home and watch the game on tv.

Better yet, the whole team should work by watching videos of themselves. They should be traumatized the same way we were this year just by having to watch them play. They should be focused on correcting their numerous mistakes, not to mention their hitting.

Beltran will give up his spot. No matter! I’m sure he was honored just to have been named.

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David Wright All-Star ?!? More like All-Scrub ! Ryan Zimmerman should be the starting 3rd baseman for the NL. Beltran was having a good year before going on the DL. Santana and K-Rod should be there, they are having good years.


i can care less about the all star game, i dont even watch the whole thing….


i didnt mean to lash out, i guess, i rather have 1 all-star represent the mets and the mets actually a good team…


he’s having such a weird season….honestly, I don’t get caught up in this all start stuff………. they needed a big hit today and he grounded into a DP

i looked it up mets have ground into 73 dps this season, the highest is 77

efrain rivera

ok lets get the negative out the way first luis and all star iam going to pretend i did not read that. lol i dont want any of them going cause they need to rest and other than k rod i dont think any of them are all stars well belt but he is hurt. this team needs a mental break or something and yes i also did not vote this year. i cant believe we have a brand new park and i am so disgusted with this team. HELP!!!!


The All Star voting is a popularity contest. So, honesty, can you name a more popular 3B than David Wright in the National League? He is every where. Commericals, billboards, ESPN, everywhere. He is also leading the league in hitting. So, we can really get all worked up on the All-star voting. He was voted in by the fan, MLB fans, not just met fans. I know a lot of yankee fans who love Wright. I know a lot of Red Sox fans who love him also. So, not trying to start anything, just saying that he was voted in by the fans. He wasn’t selected by the players or by the manager.

Tanya Mercado

I am well aware of who votes for the players Nilvio. lol Silly boy! Hence why I blame the fans for voting him in. The All-Star game is no longer about merit. I hate it and think it is a waste of time.

NYR – Wright said he is tired. He wants time off. So you still think having him in the All-Star game is great? He could be resting so he could put up some numbers in the second half. Even he said he is not contributing.


Not for nothing but after really thinking about this. I’d say Wright should be in. Both he and Zimmerman should be the NL’s 3rd baseman. but it kinda feels like it’s by default.


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