Mets To Move Wright?

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What do you think? Should the New York Mets consider moving David Wright?

It seems Wright has been feeling the pressure with so many guys out of the line-up. Can you really blame him?

However, I have to say pressure is a part of the game if you want to play in New York. If you cannot handle it, move on. I’m sure the Mets could get something for him.

Wright has been absolutely clueless these past few games. He’s made mistakes at third like missing a pop-up because he thought Alex Cora was supposed to catch it? Really?

Try calling for the ball! Whoever calls for it catches it.

For the past two weekends, Wright has gone 0-for-23 with 8 strikeouts and 3 doubleplays. Maybe he should stop watching Fernando Tatis.

Maybe moving Wright is not the answer, but it is a good place to start. This team as a whole just does not seem able to work as a unit. Pop fly balls are being missed. Opportunities to bring players home with runners in scoring position seem to go by unfazed.

After winning the last game in Milwaukee against the Brewers and then defeating the Pittburgh Pathetics, I mean Pirates, in the tenth thanks to Ryan Church, the Mets seemed to show that they just might have some swagger in them.

Then they go into Philadelphia. The pitching match-ups dictated the Mets had the advantage here. Once again, the Mets could not hit and the pitchers, except Johan Santana who was completely stellar today only giving up two home runs, coughed up another laugher of a series.

This team takes being pathetic to a whole new level.

Here’s what needs to be done. The players are supposed to be earning their playing time, right? This is the philosophy Jerry Manuel has been using, or rather supposed to be using. Well he is not. Then again, if he did, there would be no Mets baseball to watch. At this point, I think we Mets fans would prefer that.

Tatis needs to be more than just benched. He needs to go. He is doing nothing but hitting into double plays. Wright is turning more into a guaranteed out than anything else. The only way he makes it on base is if he is walked.

Once upon time, in the not so distant past, Daniel Murphy was not an easy out. He would battle when he was at the plate. Pitchers had to work to get him out. Now, it does not take much effort.

Luis Castillo is still a good guy to lead-off. He gets on base anyway he has to. He’ll bunt, hit, or walk. So I will not knock him.

The Mets catchers have been great in Brian Schneider and Omir Santos. So they get a pass along with Ryan Church.

Fernando Martinez does not belong in the majors. Send him back to Buffalo along with Argenis Reyes. I understand you want to be able to rest your regular guys, but it would be nice if the back-ups could actually hit and be somewhat productive. I understand Martinez is hurt, but before he got hurt, he was not doing anything that made me scream “Rookie of the Year“.

The pitchers are driving me crazy. Tim Redding has bombed out and Fernando Nieve has shown why he was let go by the Houston Astros. I do not see why either one of them should be in this rotation any longer. Oh wait! One of them will not be any longer. More on that in another blog.

Nelson Figueroa made the International League All-Star team. He has been stellar in the month of June with an ERA of 1.53 and has gone 3-0. BRING HIM UP AND LET HIM PITCH!

What is the one thing to be optimistic about?

The All-Star break is right around the corner. We will get a break from watching this team play and the calvary will soon be arriving.

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Just hope that Reyes and Beltran come back soon. That is the only hope if they perform the way they should. I can’t believe that I am also counting on Delgado to come back as well, but I think his season is done. The second half will be a new season for this team. It’ Santana time even though the Phillies and Marlins seem to be turning it around.


This team is beyond bad. At this point i’d say the Gants are a better team. Look at the lineups of the Gnats and Mets ! Who’s lineup would you rather have ? Right now i’d say Gnats by a landslide ! This “Team” has lost it’s heart and is playing with no passion. From ownership on down to the players this team is the laughingstock of baseball ! I said it before and i’ll say it again..The Wilpons should do all Mets fans a favor and sell the ballclub. This team will never win with the Wilpons as the owners. The Mets are pushing me to the brink, i’m almost at the point where i really don’t want to see them anymore.


the problem/solution with Wright isn’t to move him, it’s to rest/sit/bench him. He was supposed to get a day off last week, but talked his way out of it. Jerry Manuel needs to stand up to the “star” ego/player and make him take time off. Having him OUT of the lineup isn’t going to hurt this club any more than having him IN will with the way he’s playing. Wright should get at least 1 day off in every 14. It’s a shame he doesn’t get that 3 day break in 10 days like the rest of the club does.

A lot of these iregular pitchers started out well and aer struggling now because the scouts have books on them now. If the Mets implement a card trick system starting pitching staff, maybe they can get ahead of the scouts. But they’re not deep enough to pull it off.

You have rookies with no business being in the Majors like F-Mart on the roster because the club was 20 players deep on opening day with 25 of them on the roster, and now about half of them are injured. They have no choice, unless HoJo wants to make a (playing) comeback.

This is good. It’s getting me riled up for my mid-season review for my blog tonight/tomorrow.

efrain rivera

first things first when its all set and done D wright will be the franchise. maybe we have to start accepting that this team isnt really any good. there are guys up here that dont belong here. we need the calvary and we need it bad. the biggest problem here is that i dont see where the help is coming from!!! HELP!!!!!


Man where have you been the past 24 hrs ? Wright dropping the popup had to do because he heard Cora telling him he had room and thought Cora was calling for it. I found this out last night and you still dont know about what happened

Tanya Mercado

Fred, I was enjoying my fourth of July which included not watching the game. A friend of mine was at the game and sent me the text about Wright and Cora. If you are right, I stand corrected. Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, Wright has already made 12 this season. So what’s one more, right?


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