Phony Bernazard: Class Clown

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You know that old saying, “Mind your own business“? Well somebody should tell that to Tony Bernzard.

The back-stabbing, two-faced son of a…excuse me. I almost forgot myself there for a minute. Well he is back and up to the same garbage.

At last I checked, he is in charge of player development. He is one of the people I blame for this horrific season. More on that later.

It seems that this poor ol’ chap is giving his two cents in when it is not needed. Here’s what Bill Madden over at the New York Daily News is reporting:

Nevertheless, there’s still no getting around the fact the Mets are presently a depleted mess, plagued not only by this unfathomable rash of injuries to their most important players, but by the same inner turmoil that eventually led to Willie Randolph’s demise.

I’m told that assistant GM Tony Bernazard, whom Randolph found to be an intrusive  influence in the clubhouse, especially with the Latin players, has been no less undermining with Jerry Manuel.

For whatever reason, Bernazard seems to have the Wilpons’ ears, even more so than Minaya, and in organization meetings he’s never reticent to suggest areas where the manager might be doing a better job.

Now what can I take out of that?

Phony Bernazard is a bonafide ass. I mean, come on. It does not take a genius to figure out that Bernazard is not looking out for the Mets, but for his own career. If he had his way, he would be GM and manager.

Who is he to say what a manager is, or could be, doing better? He can barely give the Mets any type of major league players.

Not sure what I’m talking about are you? Here it is. Phony is VP of Player Development for the New York Mets. His job description is to help in drafting players for the Mets and oversee the development of said players.

Now based on that job description, do you think he’s doing a good job? I do not think so. He has not developed any players that can help the Mets. I understand it is a process, but this is ridiculous. It does not seem like any of the minor leaguers that come up can hit.

Maybe Phony should try actually doing his own job rather than trying to do everyone else’s?

I do not understand why the Wilpons listen to him. Clearly he has done nothing to help this team. He’s been nothing more than a little girl gossiping about everyone and their mother behind their backs.

So not only does someone have to tell him to mind his own business, someone needs to tell him to stop bochinchando. Leave that to the professionals, like the 85-year-old women down in the spanish countries. They are masters at it, let me tell you.

See! I should teach spanish to Mets fans. You learn a new word every week. Ha!

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can you teach me? my mom is from cuba, and she tried to teach me in high school when i took spanish classes….but it didn’t work well… i want to learn now, but she said no to me because she has no patients anymore….lol

nothing nice is ever written about Tony Bernzard, seems like a shady character

Tanya Mercado

That’s because there is never anything nice to say about him. I trust him about as much as I trusted the Bush administration. That’s not saying alot.


Great Blog Tanya…I have a bad feeling that the Wilpon’s Jeff more than Fred are letting Phony Bernazard have more input than Omar himself. This mess has his fingerprints all over it. This team will never win it all as long as the three bozos(Fred,Jeff,Phony) are leading the way. Sad part is Phony is not leaving anytime soon. Same for Fred and Jeff. If they do leave i’m guessing the 85 year old spanish at corner will let us know…lol.


so true on tony..

what about my spanish lesson? im 1/2 cuban and don’t know spanish but i grew up on yellow rice and chicken… help me lol

Tanya Mercado

Alan – I will give you spanish lessons. 🙂

NYRNYM – Respect the 85-yr-old woman. Otherwise you’ll get the evil eye and get a sty in your eye. haha


Man my spanish is beyond I’m dying to learn spanish it would help me so much at work. I really see the Mets at a crossroads from ownership on down. Even when all the banged up players come back. We’re talking about a ballclub that lacks basic baseball I.Q.


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