Wright’s So Tired. So Are We.

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Well with all the troubles the Mets are having, and some that David Wright has contributed, the All-Star thirdbaseman has fnally confessed that he is tired and wants to just sleep.

Well we are tired too. Tired of this team, management, and everything in between.

If he is so tired anyway, what business does he have appearing on Good Morning America? Well it was for a good cause. It was to win tickets for kids to see the new Disney movie, G-Force, providing he can hit a grand slam at the All-Star game in St. Louis.

So I think we can give him some slack. Only this time.

I get that Wright is tired. He has a reason to be. It is not like he is getting any days to just sit down and rest. He went through this last year and when he was finally rested, it did him good.

He could have had his rest during the trip to Milwaukee and talked Jerry Manuel out of it. So he cannot complain. If the manager is tell you to rest, sit your butt down and do what you’re told. He’s the manager. Not David Wright. Wright gets paid to play the game, not manage it.

Secondly, if he is tired, he needs to say something. He is doing nobody any good by keeping it to himself. He is only hurting the team because he is not hitting or fielding.

Here is what Wright is feeling about himself on Mets.com:

“I need to stay away a little. Stay off my feet as much as I can, do nothing physically.” – regarding yesterday’s off-day.

“Forget … try to forget. Right now, we’re bad. And I’m not helping much. I’d like to forget and enjoy the off-day.”

From the way tonight’s game is going, it has not helped. The LA Dodgers have scored four runs off of Mike Pelfrey and the Mets have only one hit by Luis Castillo.

What I do not understand, is how someone can say that baseball is a tiring sport. It really is. I was reading on Marty Noble’s mailbag some fool wrote in saying:

…baseball players have it a lot easier than their counterparts in the other team sports. Now I read Wright is weary. He should be tired of striking out so much. He ought to run back to he dugout after each strikeout just to get the exercise. He’s never on base, so when else does he run and get so tired?

Really? Is somebody that stupid? Noble responded to him saying, and I am in total agreement, saying:

If you don’t appreciate the strain of playing nine innings six or seven days a week and taking ground balls and batting practice before each game and an absurdly draining travel schedule, nothing I write here will convince you. The demands of big league baseball, particularly for regulars, are remarkable. An NBA team plays about half the games a big league team plays. Football players routinely have more days off in a week than Roger Clemens as a member of the Astros.

Noble is so right. I get tired watching these guys play. It is not just physically demanding, but also mentally demanding. It takes a toll on you. Lately, players have gone down on the dl to receive psychiatric treatment, like Dontrelle Willis.

There is nothing easy about this sport. For the Mets, it is that much harder. They have to now work with players they have no bond with, but this is longer an excuse.

Despite the weariness, plays have to be made. That is not happening. Once the Mets get sloppy, they are never in control again.

The Mets need to rest the big guys like Wright. This is the only thing that will help them get through this season. Wright is the guy who can change this around, if and only if, he is given the rest he needs.

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The Mets really do need to rest David Wright in the worst way. Look at how the Yankees took care of A-Roid when he was in a major slump. They gave him two days off and he’s been on a tear and blasting HR’s. The Mets are not lighting it up with David Wright in the lineup everyday..so Manuel should just give him two or three days off. Let Wright recharge ! I’ll bet anyone that if Wright gets at least two days off he’ll get hot at the plate. And while Wright is out of the lineup i’d say not much would change from what we all been seeing over the last few weeks at the plate.

Ed Leyro

When Ralph Kiner was traded from the Pirates to the Cubs in 1953, Pirate GM Branch Rickey supposedly told Kiner “We finished last with you, we can finish last without you.”

Therefore, the Mets can rest David Wright for three days because they can go 0-3 with him; they can go 0-3 without him.

If they don’t rest him to recharge his batteries, there might be many more series sweeps on the way.


if David were the real captian of the Mets, he would be smart enough to know that he does need some rest. By talking himself out of the day off last week in Milwaukee or Pittsburgh or whereever, he’s shown that he’s not ready for that, and I don’t know how long the Mets can wait for him to step up as captain. If he’s smart, as we’ve all said, he will decline the All Star game and decline these public appearances.


he’s 26 and playing baseball…to me one day is not going to make a difference… he needs to be in there….what is one day going to do……

cant he just sleep all day, and get massages…. please lets not baby him…


One day can mean a lot. Have you ever just taken a day off work to do nothing (and I don’t mean taking advantage of a holiday where everyone gets off or taking a day off because you have some other plans)? It feels great and rejuvinating. That’s what David needs. One day off isn’t babying him. One day off can make all the different. Two is even better.


i disagree, he’ 26…. he has to play, he’s batting over 320.. and he has two hits today….please…..so if he takes one day off and then goes 0-4 the next day, then what did that prove…..

so taking out the best hitter with this team that has problem scoring is going to make a difference ?

denise winter

Good job defending our boys Tanya! Baseball IS very demanding, both physically and mentally. But I do agree with Alan that Wright is only 26 and could go every day if he has to, and right now he does have to.

efrain rivera

really wright? maybe he should give his girl a rest and catch a pop up. u r right iam not tired watching this team iam fatigue!!!


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