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Sorry I did not blog today. I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled and thought I would be put on the disabled list next.

I have to say “thank you” to Alan Lerner who emailed me this information he got from the Daily News. It made my life really easy today.

The Daily News gave an update on the injured Mets as told by GM Omar Minaya:

Carlos Delgado is swinging off a tee, and “coming along good.” Carlos Beltran is riding a stationary bike, he is working in the pool, and will obviously not play in the all star game.

Jose Reyes was back in NYC today to get a cortisone shot, and will now wait for that to take affect, and “hopefully this will get him started again,” and, “alleviate discomfort.” Reyes’s biggest hurdle is “acceleration.”

John Maine threw from flat ground today. Fernando Martinez had an MRI, which showed swelling in his right knee, but that has dissipated and he is able to play in tonight’s game.

JJ Putz is still rehabbing, but not throwing yet. Billy Wagner is throwing to live hitters and is “coming along good,” though the team is still projecting a late-August, early-September return.

In the end, Minaya said Delgado is still looking at returning around August 15, or “in that range,” and he hopes to see the other guys, including Maine, back before that.

Clearly we are not meant to hold our breaths. It is going to be a very long July.

On another note, where did this new date of Wagner coming in late-August, early-September happen? That is not an acceptable timetable. We were all lead to believe it could be early-August. Why should I be surprised?

Reyes I am not holding my breath on. There is always a delay of some sort. Some other problem seems to keep coming up. I will not expect him back until late August or maybe even September.

I am hopeful with Beltran and Delgado. I just wish we could get them back sooner.

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Ed Leyro

With all these timetables being pushed back, eventually someone should ask Omar Minaya if August means 2009 or 2010. I’m hoping the ReplaceMets get their much-needed rest during the All-Star Game and take advantage of their easier competition after the Break. Their first 18 games after the Break are against the Braves, Nationals, Astros, Rockies and Diamondbacks. Entering tonight’s games, only the Rockies have a winning record (barely, at 43-39) and the other four teams are a combined 137-189. That stretch of games might be the last chance the Mets get to stay in the race before the core players get back. If they don’t, Omar should trade for a bugle player so he can play Taps.

Tanya Mercado

This whole team needs to be rested. Nobody more than Wright. He gets no breaks over at third. It figures he’s the one who goes into the All-Star game.


I’m at the point where I must accept the fact that this team is the 2009 Mets. God help us ! 🙁


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