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When the season has gone the way it has and every little detail has been examined, what is there left to say?

The New York Mets stink!

Not necessarily a newsflash. Everyone on the team seems to think so, from David Wright to Alex Cora. Everybody has had enough.

So what are we going to do? Concede the season? Forget about baseball altogether and look forward to football season?

No! You continue to fight alongside your team. That’s what fans do.

In a way, it gives me relief to hear the Mets players themselves admit to the fact that they are a bad team.

Cora had this to say about the Mets:

The worst defensive team in the league.

That’s putting it roughly. He is not just talking about the National League. Cora was talking about in all of baseball.

Wright told this to the Daily News:

I just think we stink right now, we’re just not very good… When you don’t pitch, you don’t hit, you don’t play defense, you’re not going to win very many games. 

We’re not playing very good baseball… I don’t think anybody’s having very much fun right now.

You guys are not having any fun because you are putting to much pressure on yourselves. You keep losing games.

It is not just that this team is bad. They are not on the same page.

When the pitchers are pitching well, the offense does not hit. So if a Mets pitcher gives up one or two runs, chances are good they will lose the game.

The days the bats come alive are usually the days when the pitchers are off and give up more runs than the offense can come up with.

This team needs to find a way to click on all cylinders at the same time. Until they do that, the pitchers can pitch and the bats can hit all they want. Without it happening at the same time, they will just continue to lose games.

The team needs to work as a team. This means no more bungled plays. Players need to call for the balls they are going to catch.

The offense needs to focus on playing small ball. It is more than obvious that the Mets cannot hit the ball out of the park right now. So they should not try. The small ball will get them just as far.

The pitchers need to make their pitches. Sometimes they look like they are pitching scared. This is something they cannot do. They have to believe in themselves to get the opposing hitters out.

At the same time, the defense needs to have their back. The pitchers need to know the defense is looking out for them.

The manager needs to manage this team and not let the team manage him. This is happening too often. Wright had no business talking Manuel out of letting him have an off day. The Mets paid the price for that.

Now, according to Matthew Cerrone on, Manuel has decided that he will not give Wright a day off before the All-Star break. Here’s the reasoning behind it:

I haven’t considered giving him a day. I think this time for him is a great experience in the sense that he is the guy who is left in this offense because of losing other guys.

I think despite the struggles that he’s having, I think this is gonna be a positive thing for him moving forward in that trying to do too much isn’t the answer. I think he’ll grow from this.

I can see Manuel’s point. This will allow Wright to stop putting so much pressure on himself and learn to rely on other guys to get the hits.

So these are just some more problems that the Mets are having. Let’s see if they can battle through them. They have not been successful yet.

Let’s just take it one game at a time. Take one step up the ladder at a time. The Mets are in fourth place. Do not look at first. Look at third place, etcetera. Keep doing that until they are in first.

You will see it does not seem so impossible to reach. Until then, Let’s Go Mets ’til the very end.

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one game at a time is perfect…..we all forget baseball is a marathon….we get too excited about one win and one loss…….im trying to stay positive, a lot of baseball left even though its not looking good.

Denise Winter

“This team needs to find a way to click on all cylinders at the same time. Until they do that, the pitchers can pitch and the bats can hit all they want. Without it happening at the same time, they will just continue to lose games.” Perfectly said 🙂

PS…when I heard Manuel say it was a “great experience” for Wright, I busted out laughing…for some reason it just ticked me off and I remembered why I cant listen to him speak!

efrain rivera

very good i guess i dont have much to say cause i was one who was ready to pack it in!!! it hurts to watch its like getting a wisdom tooth

Ed Leyro

Well, I’m selling off the rest of my Mets tickets so that should give them a few extra wins.

After the All-Star Break, their first opponent is Atlanta. They can put themselves in third place and put a little distance between themselves and the Braves with a good series. That’s where they can start…or they can just start tonight with that good game against the Dodgers.


August 15, that is the key date. If the mets are withing 5 games, then they have a good shot. Just tread water boys!


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