Now He Fights!

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Remember the days when we Mets fans would kick and scream because former manager Willie Randolph would never stand up for his players?

Well it seems he found his back bone in Milwaukee. He was suspended for one game and fined for arguing “a check-swing call on an 0-2 pitch to Albert Pujols from the dugout in the third inning”, as reported by

No appeal will be made. He’ll serve the suspension tonight.

This was always a problem for Randolph here in New York. It was always then bench coach Jerry Manuel who would get out of the dugout and argue a call.

If Willie were able to do that with the Mets, maybe he would still be manager because they players would have respected him more.

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denise winter

I agree. I liked Willie, I just didn’t appreciate his lack of fire. I just can’t stand Jerry, fire or not. lol I would have loved it if Willie grew that back bone while with the Mets. I think we’d be in a better position right now.

efrain rivera

thats why he is there watching hot dog races instead o here. he is probably auditioning for his next job where he will be dead on the bench!!!


Where was this fire from Willie when he was here ? Just bring back Bobby.V or Lee Mazzilli.


I think fire is over rated, it doesn’t make your team play better all the time. You really have to pick your spots. I agree, I wish that Willie would have shown a little more emotion. We do have to remember that the player and around the coaches a lot. So, think of people you work with or go to school with. You know when they are being geninue and faking. No matter what Willie did his last year he, he had lost the locker room.

I like Bobby V, I think he would do a great job here. I also like Lee Maz, I think he would do a good job as well. However, sadly to say, I think the mets would be better served waiting until the off season to make a move at manager.


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