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Jerry Manuel, according to a tweet by Burt Hubbuch of the New York Post, has stated that Livan Hernandez could be out of the rotation after the All-Star break.

Really? So now we are playing the waiting game again.

Pull him out now. He’s proven he is not able to get the job done. Once guys jump on him in the first inning, the Mets are lucky if they can pull through.

Get the tub of lard out of the rotation. He’s taking up valuable space that can be given to someone else who just might be able to keep this team in a game. Yeah I hear that is the job of a pitcher.

You know what I’m talking about. A pitcher throws a pitch to strikeout a batter or try to keep the opposing guys off the base paths. Well Gumby has not been able to do that lately.

Now is the time to find someone who can. If you wait, you risk the team falling deeper and deeper into a hole that you will find yourself trying to climb out of. Like they are not already?

The Mets can bring up Jonathan Niese or Nelson Figueroa. I say bring up Figueroa. Give him a chance to come up and get the job done. He did it earlier this year.

The Mets can always bring up Niese and see just how much he has developed since his last mlb outing. If he has not developed, then Tony Bernzard should be fired for not doing his job.

I love it when a guy loses his job. All jobs are to be earned. If you have not done your job, you do not deserve it and should be kept away until you can do the job.

So Gumby, go into the bullpen and grab Pokey, AKA Tim Redding, and ride off into the sunset. Neither one of you are doing a blasted thing for this club.

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This is the Funniest Blog, I think you have written…..Bring up Niese, give him a shot…he’s got more upside….at this point, they have nothing to lose except more games in the standings…..

p..s. I’m a Gumby fan (livan, since he’s a fellow cuban like me, lol)

Let’s go Mets…


Lmfao ! This blog is funny and true. Gumby and Ok let me stop laughing. Nelson should get a shot, i’ve been saying that for the last 3 months. I’m hoping that Maine comes back real soon. When he does the Mets starting 5 should be 1-Santana 2-Pelfrey 3-Perez 4-Maine 5-Figueroa.


Still lmfao at this blog….lol. This is why you Tanya are the best at this. You give us the facts we want about our team and you do it your way( and that’s a good thing ! ) great work. Looking at the pic of Gumby and Pokey well Pokey kinda looks like Tim

Ed Leyro

Overheard in the Mets Clubhouse:

Jerry Manuel: Sorry, Livan. We’re taking you out of the rotation. Do you have anything you’d like to say in your defense?

Livan: I’m Gumby, dammit!

Now, Tanya, just because Livan was the model for the original clay sculpture of Gumby doesn’t mean you have to call him names. What? Livan has sucked recently? Then call him Gumby all you want! I just hope if Nelson Figueroa is called up at some point, he does well. I kinda like the guy and I would hate it if you started calling him names as well…

Great job!


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