Phillies Making Calls, While Mets Settle

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The Phillies know what they need and they are going after it. They need pitching. They are just as desperate as the Mets are. The Phillies may be a little more desperate if they decided to go after an injury prone guy.

So while the Mets seem to be standing pat, waiting for the calvary to come in, the Phillies are going out there to get whatever they can to put them over the top.

They started that with Pedro Martinez. According to reports by Buster Olney on, the Phillies wanted Pedro to pitch for them a second time to assess him again and he told them no.

Apparently, Pedro feels the Phillies have enough information on him as to whether they want him or not.

Sounds to me like Pedro might have something to hide. It just seems to me that if you really want to pitch so badly, you’ll throw again for any team that will look at you.

Now the Phils have decided to go after Blue Jays pitcher, Roy Halladay. Mets fans, you knew this was coming. There was no way the Mets were going to get him without giving up the top prospects. So there was no point in even dreaming about it.

As of right now, the Mets are not going to try to do anything because there is not much for them to go after. They do not want to waste prospects on rent-a-players either.

You can say all you want that you would give up the prospects, but if those prospects were successful and your new guy was a bust, you would be pissed and probably blame everyone but yourself.

I just want to see the Mets make a move.

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denise winter

Seems like we are saying the same thing every year with these Mets…comparing their trades and acquisitions – or lack thereof – to other teams’ transactions. When will Omar learn?? DO SOMETHING!!! lol

Ed Leyro

Last year, the Mets acquired Luis Ayala while the Philthies acquired Joe Blanton. Ayala was a human fart machine, stinking up the place. Blanton went undefeated down the stretch and then put the icing on the cake by homering in a World Series game that he won. Just listening to Omar speak makes it look like his hands are tied. “No one we trade for is going to be better at shortstop than Jose Reyes”. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda! Well, as our deficit continues to increase, it looks like these players that will help us when they come back might only be helping us try to get back into third place. Has anyone checked the standings yet? Is Washington making a run at us?

efrain rivera

wait wait. if they are going after pedro they may not go after halladay. a man in my building where i work he is deep inside the phils and he is a true die hard fan. he always says that the phils are a cheap club who always looks for cheap alternatives. if its true that they would trade him only if the team would take rios or vernon wells contract. if that is the case the phils are 100% out!! from the start of the season i said that if halladay gets traded then he would be a met. we would not have to give up that many big prospects if we take rios contract. why dont we solve all our problems with one move and all we have to give up is a lot of cash. another bat like rios to help this starving lineup and the best one two punch maybe in baseball history santana and halladay. this is a no brainer mets GO GET HIM!!!


I must second what Efrain said ! This is a no brainer for Omar ! Get Halladay if it means taking Rios contract with him then to quote nike “Just Do It”. But i’ll say this much,if the Mets do not make this move because the Jays are asking the Mets to takes Rios contract along with Halladay…well i think right there and then we will all know that the Madoff mess has really hit the Wilpons hard.


I don’t think it is only about taking Rios’ contract. Yes, its 6.4 million, the blue jays are a mid market team, and finances in baseball isn’t what it was 3 or 4 years ago. But, come on, this is about moving a elite player, not dumping salary. J.P., the gm of the blue jays, is trying to field a competitive team. I believe that it will come down to who can give me the most major league ready talent. You don’t trade Halladay for a bunch of prospects. You trade him for major league ready players. The mets don’t have that. Who we trading? Martinez, Murphy and Santos?

Tanya Mercado

It has nothing to do with the contract. It has everything to do with the prospects. Minaya does not want to give up the prospects to get Halladay. Nobody is really asking for Santos. So he is not going anywhere. Other GMs want our minor leaguers and Parnell. No dice.


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