Frenchy Will Enjoy New York

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Jeff Francoeur was once our enemy. Now he is one of us. So it is up to us to make him feel at home. Last night, apparently, Mets fans did just that. Of course it helped that he brought two guys home with his bloop single to right.

We really do not know much about him. I was looking at some pictures of him on his blog site and noticed his batting gloves. Most gloves would have the brand name on them. Not on his.

His batting gloves have a bible verse on them: Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

It seems he is a man of faith. He’ll get along with Carlos Beltran and Fernando Tatis very well.

At this point, he is more like Job than anyone else in the Bible. Job was a man who was very wealthy and very blessed by God. Eventually it was all taken away from him.

So is the story with Frenchy. He started out as the Atlanta Braves top prospect. I’m sure everyone wanted him. He had a torrid first year with the Braves. It created excitement in an organization that seldom sees any because their wallets are too far up their behinds.

You wonder if the Braves fans are in any way related to the Yankee fans. Probably not! At least Yankee fans know how to cheer for their team.

I digress!

Fancoeur is coming off the worst year of his short career in 2008. His numbers, I hate stats, make you scratch your head to see if this was just another Alex Escobar. Remember him? He was the Mets top outfielder prospect many moons ago.

Well, Francoeur does not seem to think that it was God who took away his talent like Job did. He knows he lacks plate discipline. The talent is there. The patience is not.

Ah! Patience is a virtue.

So he comes to New York in hopes of a change. Getting a change in scenery can help. Francoeur does not come here frustrated, but filled with hope. Neither is he afraid.

He is a man who plays hard and is very competitive. The likes of Francoeur is needed on this team. It can help ignite them. The New York Mets can learn from just like he can learn from them. I just hope he does not take any hitting lessons from his teammates. That would hurt him more than help him.

No matter what happens, he will stay true to himself. He will remain faithful to his God. He has plenty of churches to choose from. In so doing, he will get a double portion of God’s blessing.

The ending of the story of Job?

Well, it is a happy one. After losing everything, he remained faithful to God. In the end, he received twice of everything he originally had. He was even richer the second time around.

So it will be with Jeff Francoeur.

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I’ll go on record and say this. Jeff Francoeur will become a fan fave with Mets fans. He has a football mind set and shows it when he’s on the field playing hard for his team like a warrior. As a man of Christ myself reading this blog just gave me more of a reason to like Francoeur. He’s all ready a fan fave in my book ! It won’t take long for other Mets fans to join me.

efrain rivera

i wont compare him to job but if thats his motivation that is great. he once had glory in atlanta and it was taken away from him. so maybe like Job he will be blessed even more but here in queens


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