Only The Mets

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It finally happened. When we needed the Mets Home Run Apple to rise, it failed. It stayed hidden away in it’s home.

During the Mets and Reds game today, it was decided to make the Apple rise during the seventh inning stretch. It was a good omen. Good call to do it!

Sure enough, in the bottom of the seventh inning, Brian Schneider and Fernando Tatis both hit home runs. No Apple to be seen.

You heard me right. The Home Run Apple failed to make an appearance. Mets fans were outraged and began chanting,

We want the Apple.

I think it is a legit request. The fans waited long enough for to see that Apple. It

Well, according to Gary Cohen, it takes 2.5 minutes for the Apple to reset before it can be brought back out. Enough time had not elapsed between the stretch and the two home runs.

I do not remember that happening with the old Apple. This just shows you, never mess with a good thing.

Do not get me wrong. The Apple did eventually show itself.


When the inning was over! You cannot make this stuff up.

Only the Mets, ladies and gentleman. Only the Mets!

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Yep only the Mets ! Lol..You would think that after what seemed like a lifetime ago when Tatis hit that HR vs the Bucs. The Apple would rise to the moment..but noooo it messes up. I guess this moment sums up the first half for our Lets all hope the whole Mets team will rise in the second half.

Tanya Mercado

I think they need to re-work the Apple during the offseason. I mean, either that or they just never expected this team to hit home runs like they did today. Maybe they thought home runs would be innings apart.


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