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Yes, the new guy got two RBIs in his first at-bat last night with a bloop single to right. So now everybody is on the “Jeff Francoeur is great” bandwagon.

Well I am telling you to slow your roll.

It seems when most new guys come play for the New York Mets, on their first day they do something to get everyone’s hopes up.

Need I remind you about Kaz Matsui? He hit a home run in his first game with the Mets. He was wonderful on the Mets, right? So much so that he is not with them anymore.

Site reader, Joey, reminded me about Mike Bordick.

Was it great that Frenchy did what he did? Yes. It was a nice way to say “hello” to New York from Jeff Francoeur.

Just do not put all your eggs in one basket. It still takes an entire team to win a game. One man cannot do it alone. Get excited about the one game and then move on.

Please do not “boo” him either if he does not do too well. Give the kid a chance. After a month, than do what you want.

Remember: Always take this season one game at a time. The Mets need to take over third place and then second place before they can take first.

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efrain rivera

u killing me its baby steps. and a good start. he is not the savior but i believe we just improved our team this year and next

Tanya Mercado

Killing is what I do best my friend. lol Or have you not noticed all the times I have killed this team? I’m just saying a lot of trades made in the best seem to be for the best and blow up in our faces. He still needs to prove himself to me before I consider it an improvement. So far he is doing well. Goody for him. lol


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