Martinez: A Matter of Time

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Update 7:05pm:

In a poll I had posted last week here on the site and on Twitter, Mets fans seem to believe the Mets are desperate and should have made a run at Pedro.

The Mets were his primary choice and would have most likely landed him.

Pedro Martinez is going to become a Philadelphia Phillie. It is just a matter of him passing a physical.

Oh wait a minute! Maybe he won’t. I shouldn’t have said that. It is so wrong, but so true.

I think the Phillies were actually smart about this. We all know Pedro is great in October. Well he has not pitched at all during the first half. So it is actually possible he will do well after the All-Star break. He has rested. The likelihood of him getting injured is, well, not very likely.

Naturally it would help if the Phillies actually made it to the playoffs. That would be the key here. It is a tight race in the NL East. So it is anybody’s chance to make it to the playoffs, except the Washington Nationals of course.

The Phillies were able to come back from seven games out and won the division back in 2007. So I give this division to nobody. If you want to hand it over, go right ahead. I’m a fighter and I’ll keep fighting to the very end. It is just a matter of will it be bitter again or euphoric.

However, I think the pick-up of Pedro Martinez by the Phillies could prove to be a good move for them.

Now, we just need the Mets to pick-up a few good men.

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I have a funny feeling the even with the first half off, pedro is not going to make it thru the second half without a trip to the DL. I like Pedro and he’s been a great pitcher over the years (Mostly with Boston) but those years are past and we’ll see how he’ll do. Pedro a Phillie what’s next Pat Burrell a Met ?

Ed Leyro

Bite your tongue! Don’t you know the Tampa Bay GM reads this site? You might give him an idea!

efrain rivera

i hope he does he is finished a fly ball pitcher in that park is a joke. thats if he makes it to the mound he is a joke.


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