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This is for all the whiney, complaining two-year-old brats that kicked and screamed about the Mets and Citi Field.

WAH! There’s no Mets stuff.

WAH! It’s all Dodgers and Giants.

WAH! They don’t honor their history.

This is my favorite part. The part where I get to say:


For every person that complained about Citi Field, I told them the Mets are working on it. They ran out of time and could not finish everything at Citi Field.

So what is going to be happening? What do Mets fans have to look forward to going forward? Well, it was put up on today’s Newsday.

Here it is:

The Mets received permission from Major League Baseball to show the live feed on video screens the instant the ball is in play, allowing fans to follow action they might not see live. Also, an additional video board will be installed in the rightfield corner after the All-Star break.

That was my biggest complaint about the park. There are some serious obstrutions. It is annoying. While the plasma screens are a good idea, it should not be in the ballpark. It’s good for if the fans are on a line getting food, in the restrooms, or just walking around the ballpark.

While to me this is not the complete answer, it will have to do for now. Maybe they can do something else in the offseason.

…more Mets memories will be reflected with displays in the park this summer, and that there are bigger long-term plans to give the place a Mets atmosphere.

There is talk within the organization to have a Mets Hall of Fame in the ballpark. I’m sure it will be small. Not to knock the Mets, but there is not enough in the Mets history to have the monster Hall of Fame the Yankees have.

Whether they will make it a more hitter-friendly atmosphere by bringing in the fences or lowering the walls is a decision for the offseason.

[Dave] Howard did say that if the Mets are healthy, the park can work to their advantage because of their gap hitters, fly ball-oriented pitchers and mobile centerfielder and rightfielder.

I’m not for having the walls lowered. The Mets seem to be the only team having trouble hitting balls out. If the walls were lowered, it would be ridiculous in left. I have no problems with the outfield.

So are you whiners happy now? Will you quit your complaining?

Do not get me wrong. There are things to complain about regarding the ballpark. Just give the team a chance. Remember they also had run out of money and had to go to the city for more. So that put delays on the park which resulted in not everything getting done.

Sheesh! Some people!

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densie winter

I’m happy too! lol Seriously though, these are all great things to look forward to. Citi Field keeps on giving us new things to see. It’s awesome! And you are right – leave the walls alone!!


Once you put the word out that the Mets would fix this problem..well why should i ever doubt you. You bring us the straight facts on the Mets. I’ll say this much i cannot wait till i go to my next game at Citi Field to see just how much Mets stuff is around the Ballpark. I know you love when you’re right and yep you are…lol.


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