Old Men To Teach Mets

By / July 15, 2009 / Media

The Mets miscues on the field during the first half of the season was disgraceful. Who better to teach them a thing or two than their elders? It seems a group of old men think they can teach the New York Mets how to play baseball.

They call themselves the Bristol All-Stars, a senior softball team based out on Long Island.

On CBS news at 11pm, they showed a group of men playing softball. The men were saying they are making a video to teach the Mets how to field. Naturally, it is meant to be good-natured fun.

The manager of the Bristol All-Stars, Harry Schwarzkopf, had this to say:

You have to be a baseball fan to do this. We are not doing it to embarrass anyone, we are doing it because we care about them.

These men were concerned:

What could we send the Mets that would express our concern? They wouldn’t let us come out and work with the players, so why don’t we send them a highlight reel?

That is what they set out to do.

He also told Newsday:

They really are playing with minor league personnel. It’s very hard to compete against a major league team like that.

Aw! They understand too. God bless the elderly! Respect your elders. You can always learn from something from them.

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