Will He Help or Hinder?

By / July 15, 2009 / Injuries

Well the Mets are going to have to make a decision, just not as soon as some Mets fans would like.

Billy Wagner is on his way to the bigs, but not until the end of August or possibly in early-September.

What will his role be with the Mets? Closer is not an option. If JJ Putz comes back before him, set-up man is out too. So what is left? Seventh inning guy?

Nobody is really saying because nobody really knows. Wagner thinks that there might not even be room for him. He thinks there are enough guys there that are good enough.

What bullpen is he talking about? Is he kidding?

Wagner, always having an opinion about something, said this in the Post:

I’m not killing myself to get back for them. I want to get back because [of] Fred Wilpon and that’s it.

While I understand what he means by that, what about the fans and the team. Before it is taken out of context, he said this in relation to having sporadic tendinitis while rehabbing and he is not willing to rush his rehab to come back.

What might be disheartening to hear is he is not even sure he can help. There is no way to indicate if Wagner “can bounce back from each appearance”. This is what has Wagner worried.

I think he might not even come back at all. That is also a possibility here.

Something does not seem right to me. I think it goes without saying, Wagner’s option for 2010 will not be picked up. There is really no room for him. If he were to come back, I think it would be in a smaller role.

Whatever it is, an extra man in the bullpen is always helpful, just as long as he can pitch.

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efrain rivera

i was so excited to have him back but after reading his comments i dont care if he blows out his elbow!!! keep your mouth shut wag the dog!!


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