New York Mets: Act II

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The scene: Atlanta, GA. The stage: Turner Field. The Setting: A New York Mets team looking to turn things around in the second half of this already disappointing 2009 baseball season.

During the All-Star Break, I had the opportunity to chat with several friends and fellow Mets fans about the current state of the team.

Some feel it was over before it even began. Some feel that it’s not over until the fat lady sings. (What does that even mean?) And some are just playing the waiting game, with no opinion and a lot of hope.

While some feel it’s the manager’s fault for a bad season to this point, others feel it is the players to blame for not performing. Some feel that the front office needs to step in and take over, while others feel there is nothing that can be done to change this team so why bother.

But regardless of who is responsible for an under .500 team at the break and the reasons why, one thing that is consistent among all Mets fans is their loyalty. Whether they are content with what we have or they strive for greater things, they still never give up.

I hate to be a pessimist. (I guess that’s pretty pessimistic right there, huh?) I try to look at the glass as being half full with this team. But it is very hard. I know injuries have not helped what was already a questionable team after disappointing collapses the past two seasons. But one thing I will always be is faithful.

It may not be “Shea” faithful anymore, but “Citi” faithful could be just as sweet.

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