Second Half Equals Second Chances

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Redemption! It’s something everybody is seeking. Whether it be for religion, sports, school, or family. Everybody wants a way to redeem themselves. They know they did wrong. So they see out a way to make things right.

This is the situation for the Mets coming into the second half of the season. This is their redemptions. Their one chance to get the fans they lost, to come back and believe this team has a shot at the playoffs.

There are many things they will have to do for redemption; for their second chance.

While injuries were a key component as to why this team buckled under the pressure of the first half, the Mets also made a gross number of errors. A total of 56 to be exact, ranking them seventh in the majors.

Miscues will have to be down to almost none. They need perfection. While I do not see them as every being able to achieve that, I do believe they can come close.

Calls need to be made in the field. Balls need to be read better when they are coming off of the bats of the opposing hitters.

They need to leave the slips, trips, and falls to America’s Funniest Home Videos. While that is one way the Wilpons could get some money, it is a little embarrassing.

The key here is confidence.

Without the help of Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and Jose Reyes, it seems the team seems to have none. They are unsure of each other. They do not think their teammates can make the plays. So they run to try to make the play themselves, trip themselves up and look like a group of clowns at a circus.

The third key is hitting. Where was the offense in the first half? On the disabled list. The biggest bats were Beltran and Delgado. Both were on tears before going down. Beltran was carrying this team on his shoulders while David Wright floundered like a fish out of water.

The Mets tried to remedy this by sending Ryan Church to the Atlanta Braves for a much younger Jeff Francoeur. He is earning his stripes. So far, it seems like a stroke of genius. The Mets got money out of the deal and a healthy, much younger player with a canon for an arm.

Is it enough? I do not think so. They still need at least one more bat to wake up this offense. Yet, if Omar Minaya fails to do bring it, then what they have will just have to do.

Final point is the pitching. It seems the pitching always goes down the tank in June. They can be solid in May, but flop in June. They begin to come strong again in July. Second half they rip apart the offense of opposing teams.

It is no secret Johan Santana is virtually unhittable in the second half. He’ll have to continue this trend. He sets the example and the rest of the rotation should follow.

Francisco Rodriguez will have to be the leader in the bullpen. It is his job to straighten those guys out.

The final point?

Play the game and play it well. This goes out to the manager, Jerry Manuel. Any call, and I mean any call, that seems questionable, you get your butt out there and argue it. The Mets cannot afford bad calls by the umps. So you fight them.

The team needs the confidence of the manager to succeed. If the manager does not believe a team can accomplish anything down the stretch, then the team will believe the same thing.

This is not “A League of Their Own”. No player is going to rise to the occasion and manage the team. It is the manager’s job. So manage.

Forget about management. Your job is to get this team to win. You say what needs to be said. Fans want honesty. Stop being the puppet and be puppet master.

Jerry Manuel, this is your team. This is what you will probably end up staying with until this season is over. Whether the season is over in September or October is up to you.

Can you and the rest of the New York Mets handle that type of pressure?

Like he has a choice?!!

I would say “this is it”, but it does not fit here. We get to that point after the trading deadline passes. So instead I will say, the calvary is not coming any time soon. The New York Metropolitans are going to have to get the job done themselves.

This is your chance to prove if you truly have that swagger that is needed to be successful in this town. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and start killing every team that comes your way.

This is your time!

This is your time to prove that you are not going back to being irrelevant in this city.

This is your city. This is your team. This is your time.

This Is Your Redemption!

Let’s Go Mets

Time for a ‘lil hustlin’ Boyz!

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