Mets Injuries Continue

By / July 19, 2009 / Injuries

This is the season straight from hell. There is no other way to explain it.

During tonight’s game against the Atlanta Braves, Mets’ pitcher Fernando Nieve, fell to the by first base after running out a ground ball that he hit. He was clutching his right leg and was just writhing in pain.

The trainers came running out of the dugout to tend to him. Nieve was carried of the field on a cart. Tim Redding was called to take over.

That’s right. Bring in the man with an ERA over seven. I’m going to kill somebody.

It is obvious the Mets conditioning programs are not working. They need to clean house with the trainers and the medical staff. It has become a joke. These injuries are not due to the lack of fundamentals. It is due to poor training.

The Mets now have to consider bringing up either Jonathan Niese or Nelson Figueroa. They cannot afford to ignore them.

They should even consider cutting Redding in order to bring up Niese and Figueroa. That would be a tremendous improvement to what they have now. Niese has been tremendous in the minors right now sporting a 0.96 ERA and going 5-0 in his last eight starts.

No word on how bad the injury to Nieve is. I’m sure we’ll hear before the game is over.

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no nieve was not hurt for stepping on the bag or falling wrong on his leg is that he did not have enough water. what a joke nieve injury reminds me of a line in ‘my cousin vinny” when the judge told him he was in contempt of court vinny answered “thats a f ing surprise” another met injured”thatS A F ING SURPRISE”


On Saturday night, Nelson Figueroa won his sixth straight winning decision, a complete game shutout, 2-0. The righty gave up just seven hits and struck out five, lowering his team-leading ERA to 2.32, 2nd best ERA in the International League! Figueroa has allowed more than two runs in just two of his 15 starts, and only three runs once. He has averaged an unbelievable 7.1 innings per strart! His WHIP is 1.04, also 2nd best in the International League. Yes, bring up Niese. But bring up Figueroa, too. If Manuel had brought in Figgy for long relief in the 2nd inning last night, he would have pitched through the eighth inning, handed the ball to Frankie Rodriguez for the 1-0 save in the 9th. Figueroa has averaged 113 pitches per game since June 2nd, the beginning of his 6-0 streak, Put Nieve on the DL (or back to Buffalo) and send down Redding. It’s better for Minaya to eat Redding’s $2 million contract now cause the feeling in his stomach come October will be much worse if he doesn’t. It ain’t over till it’s over!


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