The Joke Is On Us

By / July 20, 2009 / Injuries

The New York Mets are dying a slow and very painful death. The humiliation alone should be motivation enough to get this team going. Alas, it is not.

No! I fail to see anything that can motivate this team to want to win. The season appears hopeless. With each game they lose, they sink farther and farther into the grave already occupied by the Washington Nationals.

The Mets have too many holes to fill with trades. They would have to wipe out what little they have in the farm system to bring in help. It would not matter. The damage is already done.

The front office had ample time to get things done and failed to do so. I am now calling for their jobs.

Tim Redding has failed to do his job some time ago. That was the time to be rid of him and bring up Nelson Figueroa or Jonathan Niese. Instead, they stick the dead weight into the bullpen. Stupid move and they paid for it yesterday.

The Mets need to stop giving guys a chance. If a player fails to get the job done, cut them. That’s it! There is no giving the buffoon another chance. He had it. He blew it. He goes. What is so hard about that?

I understand Omar Minaya is trying. I do! I do not believe he is just sitting on his hands and bracing for the worst. The job of a GM is not an easy one. With that said, I still think there are things he can be doing.

Jerry Manuel keeps talking about how he is hesitant to bring Niese up. Why? Your current starters are not getting the job done. You have no choice but to bring the kid up. You want someone with more experience then you bring up Figgy. You have options. USE THEM ALREADY!!!

Now that I have calmed down again, I’ll continue.

A key problem this team is having is chemistry. Some people do not believe in team chemistry. I do!

I’ll give you an example. Say you work for a fashion magazine. You have a deadline to meet and you have no layouts. You are assigned to a team and are forced to get it done. Let’s say it is a team of five people. If you have a problem with just one person, the project will never get done. You will always bump heads. You have to learn to work together.

Just by watching some of the bungled plays in the field, you can tell they are not listening to each other.

This team that is on the field playing, what they seem to think is baseball, is not the team that spent two months of Spring Training together. There is no chemistry here.

Mets fans had high hopes that Jeff Francoeur would help this team get fired up. It is not working!

This team needs a rough neck. They need someone who is not afraid to raise all hell if the team fails. If I played baseball, and if I was a guy, I would fit the role perfectly. Nobody raises hell better than me. You can ask everyone who knows me.

A player is needed who does not give a flying crap who the players are, but will put everyone in their place.

You got a Cy Young? Who the hell cares! You messed up today. Next time try to strike the guys out. NEXT!

You have a silver slugger award? Well you didn’t bring in the runners when you had the chance.You don’t deserve the award. NEXT!

Oh that is wonderful! A beautiful Gold Glove it is. You threw the ball away you moron. You most certainly won’t get another one now. NEXT!

Do you see where I am going with this?

To have a player not afraid to speak his mind would be wonderful. Yet he would not last long. The front office seems to believe in gagging everyone on the payroll. Their policy seems to be the same one that our mothers drilled into our heads:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Newsflash ma! This is baseball. You hold nothing back. Everybody gets placed on notice. If people have a problem with it, then maybe they should learn how to do their job. Then they would have nothing to worry about.

The Mets lack power. They can keep talking about how the calvary is coming. It is not happening. I do not expect Carlos Beltran back at all. Jose Reyes could come back, but I will not hold my breath. I would probably die before it happens.

Firings need to commence. I do not care if we went through it last year. Make it happen again. Normally I would say to start with the Wilpons, but we cannot completely blame them. They lost $700 million in the Madoff scandal. It is a legit excuse.

Yet, this does not stop the Mets from being able to make trades to get what they need.

On paper at the beginning of the year, this was a team that could contend. Even until July, they were still in the race. Not because they have the talent, but because the Phillies helped out by losing games.

Guess what? The Phils are not helping anymore. The Mets have to win in order to give themselves a fighting chance. As if it were not hard enough, it is being said the Phils are the favorites to get the services of Roy Halladay. If this were to happen, I am ready to concede the season.

I am giving the Mets until the trading deadline to prove to me they have a shot. This includes the front office and the players. If by the deadline no improvements have been made to this team, I think it is safe to say the Mets are done.

You could say they are mathematically alive. It does not really matter. You and I both know we would just be saying that to give ourselves false hope.

We can talk about 1973 all we want too. It is not 1973. It is 2009.

I will still hold on to the infamous words of Yogi Berra:

It ain’t ova, ’til its ova.

It may not be over now, but it is getting pretty damn close.

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great post…great effort…great references….. the emotions of frustration of this season is felt in this…..i don’t see any major trades being done… i really don’t anyone is going to help this team for this year…unless they start think more toward the future like halladay as francessa said today…

p.s. this blog must have made u tired after writing it… lol

Tanya Mercado

LOL Alan. I was drained after I finished this blog. But I had to write it. I was at the breaking point already. So I just let it all pour out.

efrain rivera

one of your best ever!!!!! what do you think of making bernazzard the fall guy since he is in charge of player development? what do you think of trading reyes and pelfrey? they will bring back alot and we wont be killing our farm. 15 mill coming off payroll. we can add a little and fill the rest via free agency.


Fool me once, shame on you (2007). Fool me twice, shame on me (2008). We won’t get fooled again. (if we had a team full of 5-tool 19-year old prospects and this happened, I would have gone with “Teenage Wasteland”).

I said after last season that I wouldn’t get fooled again by the club, so I never had high expectations for the team (Citi Field is a different story). Turns out, I was right. I could see the signs in Spring Training.

David Wright needs to step up as a captain (we’ve made him the poster child of the Mets, so he’s the guy), take a day off every now and then (knowing that everyone needs to is a sign of maturity), and be the leader. If he can’t do that, trade him.

And Tony Bernazard is in 2nd behind the Wilpons in my vote of “who should go first” on my blog.


Wow ! Once again you Tanya bring the high heat ! No fluffy puffy blogs like most other Mets sites. There is so much blame to go around where does one start ? I’d start with the whold medical staff because and then i’d just as quickly give Bernazard the boot. As for this season i have not lost all hope for 09 but man i’m very close to doing just that. At this point the only thing i can do is take the Mets season one game at a time.


Nice post Tanya! I love your passion. I have not lost hope on the 2009 season; I feel once you do that, then why watch the Mets anymore? Some of you are old enough to remember the early 1990 teams. Now, those teams were bad. Tony Fernandez and Frank Viola were the only good players. Then the Mets had Bobby Bo, Eddie Murray, Brett Saberhagen. Then the Mets had Todd Huntley, Bernard Giley, remember Pete Harnish? He threw a no-no against the mets, and then the mets signed him. Or what about Carl Everett? Or, Anthony Young, Mr. 0-19. hahaha. So, if you met fans this team is bad, you missed out on some very bad performances. Yes, the mets had high hopes. Yes, they were a good team. However, they can’t account for injuries to their stars. If it were Cora, Murphy, Reed, and Redding who were serioulys hurt, then the mets might be in a different situation. It happens. I support my mets and I want them to be competitive always. But, I don’t think any team can over-come what the mets have to.

But, I would make changes in the organization. I would get rid of some of the coaching staff, even Omar, and any person who deals with player development and the draft. I would also stop trying to please the media and compete against the Yankees. It is bad baseball business. Look at the Red Sox. They stopped trying to just beat the Yankees and did what they though was best for the franchise. It has worked! We could do the same thing!

Finally, don’t give up met fans. Don’t boo either, it makes no sense.

Let’s Go Mets!

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Nilvio. You are so right. I remember those horrible years. I still watched them play and I’ll continue to watch them because that’s what a true fan does. LOL! I have been screaming for Bernazard’s job since last year. I think changes in the coaching staff need to be made as well. I’m not so sure I would get rid of Minaya. I don’t really blame him for this year.


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