Firings Imminent?

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A couple of weeks ago I did a poll on whether or not Mets fans would fire Jerry Manuel for this season. Surprisingly, 78 percent voted ‘no’. The Wilpons are in agreement.

COO Jeff Wilpon made it clear to Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel that their jobs are safe. Good job by the owners to do this. By doing this, you stabilize an unstable clubhouse. Players need to know their bosses are still going to be around. That is the only stability that can be offered to this team.

Yet they can always change their minds in the offseason.

On Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other sites, Mets fans have been dying for people to start losing jobs, mainly the GM and manager.

I can understand why. It is the job of the GM to put together a team that can compete. Injuries should be anticipated, but you can only anticipate so much. Before the year started, the Mets were considered a contender for the East. Sports Illustrated predicted them to go all the way.


Nobody in their right mind could have guessed the Mets would be decimated by the injuries. Coming into this season Minaya did his job. The bullpen needed to be addressed and he did getting us the top closer in baseball right now and one more closer.

The job of the manager is to manage this team. You are going to tell me that Manuel has not done that? He can only do so much with what he is given. If he had his way, do you not think he would want to go all the way to the World Series?

Come on people! You have to be realistic here.

I will say this. Once Minaya saw the trouble the Mets were finding themselves in, he should’ve been on the phone. I think he was. Yet I think there were trades he could have made that he turned down. He did a great job with the Ryan Church-for-Jeff Francoeur trade.

I know. At first I did not like the trade. Right now it looks like a good trade to me. I have been proven wrong. In this case I do not mind being wrong.

In the case of Manuel, I think he could have done better in some areas too. For example, he said he was hesitant in bringing up Jonathan Niese. Why? You have a shaky rotation with Livan Hernandez, Oliver Perez and Tim Redding. You bring up Niese or Nelson Figueroa. If you see they are doing better than your current starters, you make the call.

I feel Manuel has given some of the players too many chances. I liked the philosophy he had where if a player did well, he was rewarded with playing time. What happened to that? The philosophy seems backwards this year.

There was no reason not to play Church. Yet he kept benching him. Wright should have sat out a few games awhile ago. Could he not see that he was tired and not helping?

He has to tell management what he needs, whether they want to hear it or not. Minaya and Manuel should be working side-by-side to get this team going.

Either way, improvements can be made all around. Yet you also have to give them credit for trying to get things done.

If you were Jerry Manuel, what would you do? If you had your way and were Minaya, you’d probably trade the farm away.

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