Mets: Offense Bigger Problem

By / July 21, 2009 / Injuries, Rumors

Update 5:45pm

Matthew Cerrone over at stated in a tweet the Mets and Jays did talk. No specific players from the Mets were discussed. However, they did talk about which Jays would be available in a trade to the Mets.

In addition, Roy Halladay would have have to accept the trade. He did not list the Mets as a possible place to go. He wants to be on a competitive team. The teams listed were the Yankees, Phillies and two other teams. He also wants a team that has a Spring Training facility in Florida.

I am so fed up with people making such a big hoopla over the Roy Halladay rumors and the Mets. You people love to dwell on things. Some of you are still crying over Scott Kamir.

Whether the rumors are true or not, it would not help the Mets. Pitching is not the Mets lone problem. Or have you people not been watching the Mets games?

Let me enlighten you because apparently you need it.

Let’s start with the disabled list. Who is on it? Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, and Jose Reyes. Yes, I know there are more. I want to focus on these three.

Are they pitchers? No, they are not. At last I checked, they are position players whom the Mets have had to heavily rely on in the past.

Hmm! Delgado and Beltran! There’s something about those names. What is it? Ah yes! They are supposed to be the power bats. As a matter of fact, Beltran was the one carrying this team after Delgado went down.

Beltran goes down and, simultaneously, it seems David Wright did too because his bat decided to take a vacation for awhile.

Am I the only one who sees what is lacking here? Let me spell it out for you: B-A-T-S.

Everybody is up in arms about Omar Minaya not pulling the trigger on the Halladay trade for Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jonathan Niese, and Ruben Tejada.

It sounds like a great trade. I would have made that trade if the Mets did not have so many problems. Getting Halladay is not the solution to the Mets woes. Getting bats is a priority because the Mets seem to have a serious problem with bringing runners home.

Ever since Beltran and Delgado went down, the Mets just cannot get the big hit. For this reason, they have lost plenty of games the Mets should have won, like the games Johan Santana has pitched and lost 1-0 or 2-1.

When the Mets pitching is on point, the offense seems to die. Then again it seems to die whether the pitching is on or off.

Here’s another point.

The Mets cannot hit late into games which is a huge problem. That’s when you get your insurance runs. What if a game goes into extra innings? You may as well turn the game off because the Mets are dead after the third inning.

If I were Minaya, I’d be looking for a bat. Jeff Francoeur, while he is looking good, is not answer to this equation. Jerry Manuel said in his post-game conference last night that Francoeur is a guy, that if he gets straight, he can carry a team. The key word here is “if“.

The Mets admitted Francoeur was brought here for defense. The way he is going, they may be getting more than they bargained for. In which case I would have to say the deal that sent Ryan Church to Atlanta was a stroke of genius. Getting money in the deal was helpful as well.

Minaya is a very patient man. I was reminded earlier today about the deal that get us Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins. Remember? It was the fourth best offer the Twins got: Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra. The Mets pretty much robbed the Twins.

I think Minaya can pretty much get something done to help out this club. Patience is a virtue and it always pays off in the end.

If Minaya went ahead with the deal for Halladay, what would the Mets have as trade bait for a big bat? All that would be left is Ike Davis, Wilmer Flores, Brad Holt and Jenrry Mejia. You give those guys up and you have no farm system.

Look, championships are built on the farm system, not big name players. I hate to bring up the Yankees, but that is they way they did it when they went on their dynasty run. Then they went after all these big name players and have no rings to show for it.

So do not tell me that you have to have a big name player to get somewhere. You do not! It has been  proven.

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matt cerone is a homer and i love your blogs and jon heyman is king!!


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