Bernazard: Mets Looking Into It

By / July 22, 2009 / Media

The Mets have released a statement regarding their VP of Player Development, Tony Bernazard.

We take these reports very seriously and are investigating the matters.

I do not think the Mets are taking this seriously. Omar Minaya said he knew Bernazard was heading down to talk to the Binghamton Mets. He was aware he spoke to them sternly, but of nothing else.

The allegations aganst Bernazard are serious. They make him out to look like a crazed lunatic. I think it is driving him crazy that COO Jeff Wilpon gave Minaya and Jerry Manuel their votes of confidence.

If these allegations are found out to be true, I do not see how he’ll work in baseball again. Maybe he should try anger management classes. His defense should temporary insanity. They’ll treat him nice in Bellevue.

It is not secret that Bernazard wants the role of General Manager. He’s gone on interviews for the position and never has been hired. With all the stories emerging on the jackass, I do not see any team being insane enough to hire him.

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in some ways, this is fitting given the season we’re nightmarishly living, and it fits right in there with the firecracker and bleach incidents of the failing teams of the early ’90s (though it’s both better and worse that it’s not an actual player this time) in line with my “pattern of bad behavior” (but this isn’t what I had in mind with that comparison).

but when I heard this, I kept thinking that you were one of the early ones to call him out, I don’t remember exactly when, laying the ground work that he was a bad seed. good call! knowing the Mets, this may get swept under the rug (even from this point).


this is the part that flat out scares me – it’s been reported that Bernazard is a Jeff Wilpon guy, so I wonder if Omar will be guarded about what he says and does in fear of his boss. Given that, I wonder if we’ll hear anything about this incident again (at least from the Mets).

Tanya Mercado

He is. But Minaya needs to do what he is paid to do. He needs to make the big decision and fire him. If the Wilpons fire Minaya for that, at least Minaya can say he did right by the organization and the fans. If the Wilpons were to bring Bernazard back, then you know who the real idiot is.


Ok can the Wilpons for Mr.Met’s sake please get rid of this Phony Worm ! This is taking me back to the dark days of 1992 ( ugh !) I have a bad feeling that the Mets will keep the worm. Why ? He’s pals with Jeff Wilpon. It’s starting to feel like the Circus has morphed from the Knicks to the Mets.


this isn’t the Knicks type of circus. The media can still report on it.

I’ve actually started to wonder if Jeff Wilpon himself is part of the problem (not letting Tony B off the hook at all) and his dad is just sitting back counting receipts.

And Tanya’s right that Tony B does need to be fired for these actions. It seems that he’s completely lost it. When I threw tantrums like this, I usually had toys taken away from me and lost TV privileges for a week. But the Mets front office should do their due diligence investigate and make sure they have the facts straight before taking action (while locking Bernazard up inside the basement at Citi Field).


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