Minaya on Bernazard

By / July 22, 2009 / Media

GM Omar Minaya just finished speaking with reporters. Not much to report on. He just reiterated what the Mets have said:

We take these things very seriously and are investigating it.

We understand that Minaya. We just want to know what actions are going to happen. As of right now, Tony Bernazard is at home.

If it were me, I would suspend him without pay pending the results of the investigation. If the results of the stories are true, you fire him immediately. No questions asked! No reprieves! Nothing!

Minaya has pretty much had enough. He just wants to focus on baseball. He did mention that he has spoken with some general managers today. That was just a cover to get the reporters off the Bernazard story.

This whole situation is going to determine Minaya’s job. He needs to come off strong. I do not think he can handle pressure like this which is why I think Minaya will fall flat on his face.

I feel bad for Minaya. I really do! Nobody deserves this. Minaya just needs to be strong and pull the trigger on Bernazard. That’s it. There is nothing else that can be done.

If Minaya wants to gain back some type of confidence with the fans, you get rid of the riff-raff. It is a start.

Minaya’s job is not damage control. Yet everything is falling into his lap. Everyone is making it his mess to clean up. Damage control is not a part of the job of a general manager. He should be talking on the phone with other GM’s to get some trades done.

I hope Minaya does do the right thing here. For his sake…for the organization…for himself.

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Tanya Mercado

It would be so funny if fans built a fighting ring in front of Citi Field and just wait for Bernazard to come out. Then we all gang up on him.


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