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By / July 24, 2009 / Media, Rumors

CFoD reader, Efrain Rivera, sent me a message about the possiblity of Jose Reyes heading over to Boston.

I’ve looked into this and I have to say I would fire Theo Epstein for making such a stupid trade like this.

First off here’s the original trade deal that Boston talk show host Danny Picard suggest on his blog I’m Just Sayin’.

He suggested that Epstein make a deal with the Mets for Reyes in exchange for RHP Clay Buchholz, top prospect RHP Michael Bowden, OF Jacoby Ellsbury and SS Jed Lowrie.

I have to laugh. No Sox fan in their right man would go for this much less Epstein. I think all of Sox Nation would hang him by his jewels.

Mets fans on the other hand would make this deal in heart beat. I know I would. It is a dream deal.

Listen, I am a HUGE fan of Ellsbury fan. You can ask Sox fan Kerin how much I would love to have him on the Mets. Ever since I saw him steal home plate, I was like “I love him“.

Lowrie is going to be a great shortstop for the Sox. Why would they need Reyes? They do not. It is retarded that we are even talking about this. The Sox are high on him. He’s just been limited by wrist injuries this year.

Bucholz is supposed to be their top pitching prospect. He did not make it through four innings against the Texas Rangers this week, but he did go five-plus against the Blue Jays. He made his major league debut against them this year on July 7th. He is 1-1 on the season.

Bottom line, Sox fans have nothing to worry about. This is not happening. I wish it would, but it isn’t. Sorry.

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well all those elements are not involved now. it seems like A REYES FOR BUCHOLZ deal and i guess the sox would throw green and another prospect.

Tanya Mercado

Epstein would still be an idiot to make this deal. He would have to move either Lowrie or Reyes to second base then. You cannot have two starting shortstops. With Lowrie being able to do what I hear he can, there is no way he is playing second fiddle to Reyes.

Ed Leyro

I love Jose Reyes. But I love this deal even more. Maybe we could first trade Minaya for Epstein. Then Minaya would trade those players from Boston to the Mets. Just don’t mention including the Hulk (Tony Bernazard) in the Minaya for Epstein deal. Boston would hang up the phone before you could say “Tony Smash!”


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