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By / July 24, 2009 / Injuries

Looks like we might have our first season casualty. I’m sure it will be followed by Carlos Beltran and possibly Jose Reyes.

The Mets are talking about shutting down John Maine for the rest of the year for the second straight year.

This is why surgeries are no laughing matter. When you heard the word “surgery”, panic is surely to follow. So many things can go wrong. Doctors can make a serious mistake.

There have been incidents where surgical instruments and gauze has been left inside patients. Those things are bad enough. But when surgery happens to an athlete, it could end their career.

While that is a little extreme to assume with Maine, he is still dealing with that surgically repaired shoulder. Not so sure the surgery was a success.

Maine and the Mets are seeking a second opinion with Dr. James Andrews. He seems to be the man every pitcher goes to see. Chin Ming Wang is on his way to him also. As was Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Either way, Maine may need surgery again. He has described what he is feeling as “scar tissue affecting a pinched nerve in the joint”. Anything dealing with nerves is very delicate. You do not want to mess around with that.

Ever get a pinched nerve in your neck? That is what Maine is feeling right now. It is not happening while he is pitching, but during the off days when he is not. That is not normal. Soreness is one thing. Pinched nerves is not.

The Mets need to shut him down. I think it will happen. We will have to wait and see. The Mets do not want to rush him as they feel this is what hurt him in the first place during the offseason. Maine rushed his recovery.

It does not really matter. He would be of no help to the Mets right now anyway.

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Ed Leyro

Now Gary Sheffield has joined the ranks of the walking wounded on the disabled list. Can we just put this season on the disabled list as well?

I agree with you that John Maine should be shut down. Hopefully, Jonathon Niese can do well so that they don’t feel like they have to rush Maine back.


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