While He Stays, The Other Goes

By / July 24, 2009 / Media

Think things could not get any worse? It can and looks like it will.

I love my readers. While I’m stuck at work, they’re manning the airwaves. Well here is what Joey told me he heard on WFAN today.

Rumors seem to be going around that Tony Bernazard will remain with the New York Mets organization while GM Omar Minaya is on his way out.

Now, it is a rumor. So I will wait to see what happens. However, I will go on record to say this:

If this turns out to be true, I am done with this team. I will make it my mission to get the Wilpons to sell and for things to change. I will organize boycotts and rallies if I have to.

How the hell do you keep someone who is ready to assault minor leaguers? Seriously? Seriously!

The New York Mets continue to be the joke of major league baseball and I will not support them. I am embarrassed to be a Mets fan.

Until this organization does right by the fans and this city, who shelled out money to help build that God forsaken building they call a ballpark, they get zero support from me. We built that ballpark. We deserve better.

I will root for another team and pray for the dismanteling and bankruptcy of this organization.

How dare they slap their loyal fans in the face in this manner! I wish the Wilpons had lost more money in the Madoff Scandal. This way they would be forced to sell this pathetic thing they dare call a team.

Watching Charlie Brown and the rest of Peanuts gang play baseball would be more entertaining. You only expect so much from a blockhead.

Ownership has the audacity to think Mets fans are really that stupid to continue supporting them? They will learn otherwise.

Do not misunderstand me! I completely understand live and die with your team. I am a firm believer in that which is way I continued to root for them throughout this season.

With that said, I will not be made out to look like an ass. I will not be laughed at and mocked by two jackasses who have no concept of what a true baseball team should be.

These owners may have the money that puts them in the upper class stratosphere of society, but as far as I am concerned, they are lower than the pondscum that Citi Field is surrounded by.

It is apparent to me that they care only about having their asses kissed. So while a man who is trying to help this team, and I do believe he is trying, may lose his job, a complete jerk may end up with his job. A man who has no concept of what being a human is will probably be the new GM is team.

I feel sorry for Minaya. I really do. He has been thrusted into a no win situation. He should have fired Bernazard last year when he had the chance. I even said last year it would come and bite him in the ass.

It looks like that may just happen.

Can you think of anything more asinine? Oh wait! The Wilpons own the Mets. Enough said!

Did I mention that his was a rumor?

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wow…they actually are thinking about keeping that idiot??!!
I don’t even know what to say….after hearing that he challenged the minor leaguers to fight him, I honestly though he’d be fired.
and the 09 Mets season continues to get worse by the day…..
I still love & support this team, but seriously….


i already loss respect for them already for the fact that that a hole still has a job and if this happens. screw them i will be back when they give me something to be back about.

Ed Leyro

They have to keep Tony Bernazard around. After all, how could they promote his bobblehead night (complete with removable shirt) if he’s not around?

The old “wait till next year” mantra makes me feel worse about this team if Bernazard is still around in 2010.

Denise Winter

It’s one thing to stand by them through difficult times. Every team struggles. But this is a totally different thing. I am out of work nine moths and this jerk gets to keep his job? No wonder the world is the way it is. lol


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