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By / July 27, 2009 / Media, Press Conferences

Things turned ugly at the press conference today at Citi Field when Omar Minaya attacked Adam Rubin.

Rubin was accused of lobbying for a job in the front office for a position in player development by the New York Mets GM.

Then the two argued on camera during the conference. Rubin asked Minaya if he feels that he tried to take down Tony Bernazard so he could have a job. Minaya said “no”. Minaya did say he scuffled when the reports by Rubin came out because he wrote them and he knew what Rubin wanted.

This was not what Minaya should have done. This was crazy to put out there. I think it hurt him and the organization. Just when one fire was put out, another one was just started. There is no defending Minaya here.

Rubin just spoke with SNY. Here’s what he had to say:

It was deplorable. Its absolutely ludicrous. I was flabbergasted. I thought he was going to pay me a compliment.

Did he really think he was going to pay him a compliment? His reports helped in the firing of Bernzard who Minaya did like as a baseball man. Minaya was very upset. I do not think this was vengeance though.

So Rubin was asked if he ever did directly ask the Mets for a job within their organization. Rubin responded:

Jeff [Wilpon] has invited me to sit down to discuss how do I get a job in baseball. I never took him up on it. I have asked how do I get a job in baseball. [I] never approached how to get in with the organization.

I think Rubin kind of dug himself into a hole just by asking how could he go about getting a job in baseball. I understand that is what he wants. I think there were other people that he could have possibly asked. He should not have asked the organization that he covers, whether it was general or direct, how to do this.

This is a very serious matter. It could lead to Rubin losing his job. If this were to be true, Rubin will be in serious trouble. Minaya had better have physical proof. He said-she said is not going to cut it here.

I like Rubin. I think he is very reputable. He does a great job when he covers the Mets. I feel sorry for him that he is in this situation right now. It is not a great place to be. As a journalist, you never lobby for a job with the team you are covering.

I think it will be interesting what will be unfolding from this. Everyone loves Rubin and I think they will come to his defense here. I do think there is a chance Minaya could lose his job after the season is over.

Be sure to catch Daily News Live today at 5pm on SNY for more on this.

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Omar screwed this one up by bringing it up in a public forum. Rubin wrote an unfavorable piece about Omar and he lost his cool. I think Omar has just bought his ticket out of New York.

Rubin is one of the best beat writers in the city. No one covers a club from top to bottom like he does. It will be interesting to see what happens with him and Omar going forward.


if Adam Rubin loses his job over this, I wonder if he could take legal action against Omar Minaya because of the comments from the first press conference.

right or wrong on Rubin’s part in asking, simply asking, it should have been kept as a private matter between him and Jeff Wilpon.

Tanya Mercado

He will not lose his job. The Daily News made a statement stating that they are sticking behind Adam Rubin. There is no chance he loses his job. If he did, he might have a case against Minaya.


Rubin won’t lose his job, but he’ll lose his spot as Mets beat writer. It’ll be impossible for him to do his job after Omar called him out. You can put stock in the Daily News having a new Mets beat writer ASAP ! YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON IT !

efrain rivera

this press conference reminded me when bobby v showed how a baseball who was high on marijuana would be. sad day to be a fan


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