Bernazard Has Been Axed

By / July 27, 2009 / Media, Press Conferences

Ask and ye shall receive. All of you know that I have been calling for the firing of VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard. Well it is official.

I received emails about what the Mets presser is about. I speculated that it was about the status of Bernazard with the Mets.  The Wilpons and Omar Minaya were to have meetings over this past weekend about the situation. The matter is now resolved.

The press conference is set to make it official.

Mets fans, this has to make you all feel better. I know I do. It has somewhat given the Mets some redemption with me as a Mets fan. I was saying, very seriously, that I was going to no longer support the organization if they did not do right by the fans, the players and the organization itself.

I’m sure the call for Bernazard’s firing by Mets fans and the media did not fall on deaf ears. The organization heard you and did the right thing. Good job by the Wilpons and Minaya. You have restored my faith in what you are capable of doing.

Now get some trades done. Let’s get the rest of this season going. Two straight wins. Time to build on that.

I’ll have the details posted after the presser.

The Metsblog has posted the story on the site.

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Tanya the Mets have finally after what feels like a zillion years done what you’ve been telling tham to do. You were the first to call out that worm. Adam Rubin is riding your coat tails.

Ed Leyro

Tanya, I can’t wait for you to attend one of these press conferences in person just to see what you’d say if you were in Adam Rubin’s shoes. You’d have Omar running home to his mami.


i felt better when i first saw this on, and felt really good that the first dead weight was being lifted UNTIL i started following Matt Cerrone’s live blogging of the first press conference and seeing how Omar went after Adam Rubin. I had to step away for a bit after the Adam Rubin press conference and upon hearing Omar’s “apology” on WFAN after Mets Extra, I got that sick feeling back. i’m still trying to comprehend all this to try to make my own meaningful post.

Tanya Mercado

I did to. In my opinion, the presser was going well up until Minaya brought up Adam. That’s when it went all downhill. I still have questions about how the Mets as a whole approached this. I’ll be addressing that tomorrow. Looking forward to reading your post dyhrdmet.


Ok the Mets fired “Phony” Bernazard ! That’s great and all. But if anyone thinks the Front Office is gonna change for the better “Sigh” think again ! Both Omar Minaya and Jeff “Mets are my nice little toy that daddy gave me” Wilpon looked pissed that they had to cut loose their boy Bernazard. Of course we all saw what Omar did to Adam Rubin of the News. I’m guessing that Omar’s thoughts were “You got my boy fired so now i’m gonna get you fired” This is the Mets front office ?!? Omar has now passed the Mets and he himself is the biggest laughingstock of not baseball but of all sports. Jeff Wilpon another clown and where’s daddy Fred with this BIG mess going on ? I liked Omar and defended him many times. How can i defend him after that circus yesterday ? Like i always say “Only the Mets !” Tanya watch your back Omar just might suggest the you’re “lobbying” for Bernazard’s job since you put Bernazard on notice over 10 months ago….lol. At least on the field the Mets got it done(Thank you Tatis !).


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