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Remember the days when we Mets fans always laughed at Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees? It is coming back to bite us.

There are so many different conspiracy theories that people can come up with regarding the whole Omar Minaya/Adam Rubin situation. It could have been avoided if the Mets had done the right thing.

Maybe it was Minaya seeking revenge for having to fire his buddy, Tony Bernazard. Maybe it was both Minaya and the Wilpons seeking revenge? It could be just Minaya was tired of answering questions about the Bernazard firing.

There is one more theory. The Wilpons want Minaya out and need a legitimate reason.

To me it seems a little obvious the Wilpons want no part of Omar Minaya. It seems like they are trying to create a reason to get rid of him during the offseason. They already told him they would stick with him during the rest of the season. So it would be bad form to fire him now.

Yesterday’s press conference was the perfect opportunity. I do not care what anybody says. There is no way the Wilpons and company do not know Minaya does not do well during a press conference unless it has to do with a trade. What better way to burn him than to let him handle the whole conference on his own?

Where was Jay Horwitz? Where were the people who conducted the investigation from Human Resources? Where were the Wilpons? Even Chris Carlin from SNY asked these questions after the presser.

Clearly the Wilpons and Minaya love Tony Bernazard. Why is beyond me! Nevertheless, the Wilpons, or at the very least COO Jeff Wilpon, should have been there to support Minaya. They had to know something was going to awry. Horwitz should have been there to pull the plug on the conference after the firing was announced and explained.

If Minaya keeps his job until next year after this incident, I will be shocked.

Do not get me wrong. In no way am I defending Minaya. What he did was inexcusable, cowardly, gutless, and cut throat. You do not call out a reporter in any situation. There is never a situation when you do. If you have an issue with a reporter, you can speak with the reporter in your office. Never during a press conference.

I feel he has burned bridges with the media. No journalist in their right mind would defend this. Everyone is flocking around Adam Rubin to defend him. Without a solid relationship with the media, I do not see Minaya surviving in New York, especially with the New York Media. They will burn him at the stake.

Minaya, I feel sorry for you. I think you just drove the last nail into your coffin with this. I liked you. I really did. But I cannot defend this. I’m sorry. You were wrong.

Without solid proof, that accusation never should have come out of Minaya’s mouth. Rubin has defended himself in his article today in the Daily News. There really was no reason to. He did nothing wrong, unless Minaya has proof of his accusations.

I will say I was surprised there were some fans who defended Minaya on this. Here are two comments that were left on the Daily News website:

I believe that Bernazard was unprofessional in his conduct with players and others and deserved to be fired. But, I also believe that Omar was right about Rubin. Rubin seems a little too full of himself, a tad too arrogant, and from the vid I saw of the presser, seemed too willing to go toe to toe with Omar. Almost like he was eager for that moment. The DN should pull Rubin from covering the Mets. He needs to cool off, reflect on his own conduct, and tamp down the macho. -KensingtonKate

Omar you did the correct thing. Also it was appropriate what you said to Adam the writer. IF adam had some integrity he would have came to the mets with the story rather than writing about it. You writers heart feelings and make a small problem into a big one. You only want to make money. This is what killed a wonderfull person like Princess Diana. -caringAmerican

It was apparant to me that Rubin was lying when he first passed the microphone to respond. He apparantly changed his mind later to save face and he was shaking in his exchange with Omar. He also admitted to inquiring about a job even IF in general terms. There was also a meeting set up with Jeff Wilpon to discuss the matter. NO big deal,get over it Rubin. -thekid

I really am surprised people have to come Minaya’s defense. I just want to see proof. Give me proof and I will be happy.

As of right now, I cannot defend Minaya. I’ve defended him on many occasions. This I cannot. As a person studying journalism, do I have to worry about the stories I write because a GM is going to out me? I will not stand for it. I would have done the same thing Rubin did. Confrontations are my specialty. Bring it!

I hope this is the last blog I have to write on this. I want to just focus on the Mets and the rest of this 2009 season. The Mets are doing exciting things on the field. Can we just get over this and focus on the team?

The Mets are taking on the Colorado Rockies tonight. Let’s go for win number four. Let’s go Mets!

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I really would like to see all the Circus stuff go away once and for all. The Mets are starting to play well and it’ll be quite the story to see what Omar will do during the trade deadline after his goof during the presser yesterday. If Omar feels his job is on the line he’ll most likely go for some big names on friday. Time will tell !


the whole thing is ridiculous. but if the Wilpons wanted Omar out, don’t you think they’d find a legit baseball reason to get rid of him like bad play from the players he assembled? of course, a baseball reason didn’t apply to Tony Bernazard and he dug himself his own grave.

if the Wilpons were setting Omar up to fail, in some ways, how are they any better than Omar for what he pulled in the presser or Tony B for doing all the things he got investigated and fired for?

I did find it interesting that Jeff Wilpon finally showed up when Omar came out to apologize before Monday’s first pitch, and then again on Tuesday night to apologize again. his absense from the initial press conference sent the message that Tony B’s firing was completely Omar’s call. and you don’t apologize like that on behalf of a GM that you’re setting up to fail (though I don’t completely doubt your conspiracy theory).


The problem is that the mets are bad, so we need to talk about all this stuff that isn’t baseball related. If the mets were in first place, it would be a different story. Listen, I could care less about Adam Rubin. I care how the the mets played on the field. Maybe the Wilpons are tired of Omar, but if they think they need to use the whole tony B situation to fire him, they are just not smart. The mets are 10 games out of first and under .500. That would be enough to fire Omar. Also, the mets triple A and double A minor league affilates are over 18 games under .500. That would be reason enough!

Now, Adam Rubin did not get Tony B fired. Tony got himself fired. Can we get back to baseball. Until Omar says something culturally, ethnically, sexally inappropriate then we can rip him apart. But, go at it with a reporter, that won’t be enough. if the mets play well, it won’t matter. A lot of people did not like Joe Torre in the media, guess what, he won, so he was here 12 years!

Let’s go mets! and met fans, can we talk about the play on the field. They are playing better.

Tanya Mercado

Nilvio you seem a little touchy today. lol Look I agree. I’m sick of the front office drama. I don’t even want to write about it anymore. I’m excited about what the Mets are doing on the field. If the Mets can ignore what is going on, then the fans should too. It is not our problem. We root for the team. Not the front office.

Dyhrdmet, I did not like the press conference that Jeff Wilpon had. We knew what Minaya did was wrong. If I were Rubin, I would’ve been tighter than a drum. Nothing surprises me with the Mets front office. It is a joke. I just think, if he really wanted to stand behind Minaya, he would’ve been at the original conference and nobody would probably be talking about this. That was my issue. I hope we do not get another press conference today.


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