Drama Makes No Difference

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The New York Mets have been through so much during this 2009 season. Injuries was only the beginning. They have fallen through the standings. If it were not for the Washington Nationals, the Mets could be in the cellar.

Then the Tony Bernazard drama ensued. The Mets did the right thing and fired him yesterday causing Mets fans and Mets personnel to celebrate. Well, until GM Omar Minaya botched up a simple firing press conference by calling out Adam Rubin. The new drama began.

Yet, how are the players of the New York Mets handling it? Well, they’ve won three games in a row. Mr. Double-Play, Fernando Tatis, unloaded all his frustrations on an 0-2 count in the bottom of the eighth inning last night by launching the ball over the left field wall for his eighth career grand slam. The Mets won the game 7-3.

I’m sure the Mets are just as tired of the drama as we Mets fans are. What better way to get rid of it all than by winning games? Clearly that is the Mets objective. They do not want to hear about the drama going on in their front office.

The Mets are going to put this out of their minds. Their job is the field, not the front office. They have their work cut out for them being 10.5 out of first and 6.5 out of the Wild Card. The Mets are determined to get on a roll. Any drama that happens off the field is not their concern and are playing like it is not.

I will address the press conference again. Then I am done with it. CFoD Alan Lerner said it best in his FB status when he said after last night’s game:

great Mets win…one game at a time….that’s what it’s all about, winning games….i can care less about the drama off the field….. Let’s Go Mets

I think all Mets fans need to take the same approach. Forget about what is going on in the front office. What we care about is what goes on on that field. That’s where games are won. That’s where our attention should be. There is nothing more that can, or will, be done in the front office until the offseason. So I suggest you move on.

Usually meaningful games are meant for September. Well the Mets are playing their meaningful games now and through August. Nobody will care about September if the Mets do not start moving up in the standings. They moved up in the Wild Card and in the NL East by half a game. Let’s keep it going. 

So what are Mets fans to do? You stand by your team. The team that is fighting tooth and nail to matter in this soap opera of a season. The front office did what we wanted. They fired Tony Bernazard. Leave it at that and pay attention to what is on the field. Let the front office do whatever it does. They will anyway.

Jeff Francoeur said it best:

That [Tatis’ grand slam] was awesome . It’s been a rough season, but you sit there and say we still have 60, 65 games left. We can still make a run. Nobody on this team is giving up.

Let’s Go Mets! Our September is now.

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That’s the way i’m taking it. One game at a time and we’ll see where this team ends up. It will not be a boring ride that’s for sure. Good stuff as always Tanya. LETS GO METS !

Tanya Mercado

Thanks NYR. People usually say it is a marathon. Now we have reached the point where it is a sprint.

No problem Alan. It was a great quote.


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