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By / July 28, 2009 / Media, Press Conferences

The Wilpons know what’s best right? After all, if anybody is going to embarrass the organization it should be them. If anybody says something that actually makes sense, a gag order is placed into effect on the individual. Case in point, when Jerry Manuel said he needs help. He needs a bat. That made the organization sound desperate.

Well guess what! The organization now sounds stupid courtesy of Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon.

The littlest Wilpon decided to hold a press conference today just for the purpose of throwing Minaya under the bus. Oh wait! There was another reason for this. It was to apologize to Adam Rubin on behalf of the Mets organization. Humiliating Minaya was just a bonus.

Here are some snippets of what was said:

Minaya is extremely remorseful. He was angry. He was upset. He has apologized to ownership.

Minaya did take the day off.

He made a mistake. Its taken a great toll on him. He understands the damage. He knows that.

He did not do the right thing.

He is our General Manager and will continue to be.

Now all of a sudden ownership wants to stand behind Minaya after feeding him to the wolves yesterday? Where was this support when everything was happening yesterday?

Look! Minaya made a mistake. We all know that. Do you think he is not upset about this whole situation? You’re only kidding yourself. He knows he embarrassed the Mets and the fans. He is dealing with it the best that he can. He will be calling Adam Rubin to apologize as will Jeff Wilpon.

It is over. It is done with. Can we move on? Last I checked, there is a game tonight. You can hear the entire Jeff Wilpon press conference here.

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Ed Leyro

The Wilpons remind me of the Family Circus comic. Little Jeffy would never say the right thing in the comic, but Daddy was always there to make things right. Flash forward to the real world. Little Jeffy Wilpon pushes Omar under the bus, as you say. Now he’s probably with Daddy, asking him if he did the right thing. Will tomorrow be the next press conference to discuss Little Jeffy’s actions today?


Jeff Wilpon really does remind me of NY Rangers and Knicks owner Jim Dolan. Both were handed the keys to the kingdom from Daddy. Both are blind when i comes to the people they trust and get close to(i.e. I.Thomas / T.Bernazard) in the front office. They knew and heard everyone saying that these clowns were no good for their teams that daddy gave them. Did they listen ? NO ! They waited till it got to a point where they had no other choice but to fire both Thomas/ Bernazard. I think Jeff and Jim are secret brothers and as we all can see they are quite alike.


Did i mention that both Jeff and Jim were both quite upset that they had to fire those clowns(I.Thomas / T.Bernazard). Because both Jeff and Jim were pissed i get a bad feeling that things in the front office of both the Mets and Knicks won’t change much.


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