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By / July 29, 2009 / Injuries

Carlos Beltran is hoping to be back with the team within two weeks time according to David Lennon of Newsday. Right now he is hitting in the cages. Reports are that he does feel pain when doing certain exercises.

Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog stated that doctors advised Beltran to stop activity altogether to give the bruise a chance to heal. Beltran, being Puerto Rican and we are all very stubborn people, did not listen and proceeded to work out. The only thing Beltran is thinking is getting back to his team.

Yeah well he might have done more damage then good. While the bruise has not grown, it not gotten smaller either. So he is hitting a knee brace on.

Good luck Beltran! You are going to need it. For his sake, the offseason could not come soon enough. That is the only way he will shut it down like he was supposed to.

Despite him being out, the Mets have not been doing too shabby with Angel Pagan in center field. He is getting the job done in the outfield and in the hitter’s box. He is hitting at .295 with 4 triples, 5 doubles and 18 runs scored. Not too shabby.

Pagan’s fielding has left Mets fans screaming and cheering in the stands. Do not argue with success! No worries Beltran. You are not going to lose your job. It is still yours. Just get well! You are no good to us hurt.

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I hope Beltran does come back, but here’s the thing. If Carlos is not 100% and cannot play CF the way we expect him to play and cannot hit for a high AVG. then he really should continue to get some rest. Last thing the Mets need is for this injury to get worse and lose Beatran for the year. Carlos you need to be smart with this. Mets you need to be smarter and do what’s best for Beltran.


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