Mets Need More Swagger

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Now is the time teams in pennant races rush to improve their teams to make that final push for the playoffs.

General Managers start going grey trying to figure out if pitching or hitting is their greatest need. Defense is another thing they need to think about.

Once they address the needs, they need to think who are they willing to give up. Do you give up your prospects? Is it worth mortgaging your future?

So the GM’s start popping Pepcid AC or TUMS to keep them in check so they can get the job done that put their team over the edge.

Well our GM is going to need more than an antacid. Omar Minaya needs to put everything behind him and get his head together.

The Mets seems to be able to get it done these past four days. But it will only last so long. So what do the Mets need? A little of everything.

I would still like the Mets to get a pitcher, if they can. My biggest concern? The hitting. Yes they are getting the job done right now. For how long? At some point they will run dry. Minaya needs to see that they do not.

Priority is a bat. Followed by a pitcher. The Mets have made it clear the prospects are near untouchable. So do not expect a bat unless a team is really on a fire sale. No matter what, other teams will make the Mets bleed before they give up anything.

Minaya needs to get another Jeff Francoeur type of player. We need an impact player that will help this team, even in the slightest of ways.

My guy? Ty Wigginton. The Mets could give up lower level prospects for him. The Baltimore Orioles are in the middle of a rebuilding phase. They will want prospects. Probably prospects that are close to the majors.

According to Matthew Cerrone over on MetsBlog, the Mets are pursuing a left-handed reliever to take the pressure off of Pedro Feliciano. Why? He is doing fine. That’s what Ken Takahashi was for.

I want to see a bat come up. We need a guy who can do the little things that matter. We need a guy with attitude.Look! The Phillies have Shane Victorino and Chase Utley who do play a dirty game every now and again. Well we need a guy who can take guys out with a slide and is not afraid to bowl a catcher over.

That is what Wiggy brings to the table. A big bat is nice. Yet the little things help. Big names are great. Does not guarantee you anything. You can have a star-studded line-up. It does not mean you will win a championship. The Yankees are the prime example of that.

Get another Francoeur and the Mets will be fine. It is obvious he has been a big impact on this team. The Mets need another one. It seems to take the pressure off David Wright on and off the field.

I would love an Adam Dunn or Aubrey Huff. The Mets will not get either of them. Too much will be asked for. I would just look at teams who are selling. Teams that are rebuilding usually want top prospects for their players. Sellers do not ask for much. They are looking to save money. These teams put themselves in a better position to get free agents come the offseason.

A big name player is not a big deal to me. Just someone who can play the game in every way. You bring back Wiggy or a player like him, you bring serious swagger to this team.


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efrain rivera

tanya i think those big bats are a possibility!!! you never know by 330 they day ok lets go for it. another great blog

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