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Teams are trading. Some have already happened. I was hoping the Boston Red Sox would get the trade for Indians pitcher Cliff Lee done. Theo Epstein did not have it in him. So Lee is now heading to Philadelphia. Thanks for nothing Boston.

Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com is reporting the Phillies will be getting Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee and outfielder Ben Francisco in exchange for prospects RHP Jason Knapp, RHP Carlos Carrasco, SS Jason Donald, and catcher Lou Marson.

This is a plus for the Phillies. They did not have to give up Kyle Drabeck and J.A. Happ whom the Toronto Blue Jays asked for to get Roy Halladay.

The Phillies are not the only team to get some trades done.

The Seattle Mariners and Pittsburgh Pirates have made a deal also. Seems the Mariners are continuing their rebuilding process.

The Mariners acquired SS Jack Wilson and RHP Ian Snell from the Pirates while giving up catcher Jeff Clement, infielder Ronny Cedeno and three minor league RHP’s Nathan Adcock, Brett Lorin and Aaron Pribanic. The Associated Press has the report.

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting the San Francisco Giants are interested in Freddy Sanchez along with Marco Scutaro and  Mark Teahen.

For a little while there was talk about the Mets having interest in Teahen earlier this year. Would have been a nice addition since he is batting .293. Being he is a third baseman, he would either be a backup for David Wright, come off the bench, or play other positions in the infield. Peter Gammons had said the Red Sox were also interested in Teahen’s services.

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