Career Ending For Beltran?

By / July 31, 2009 / Injuries

Things are very bad for Carlos Beltran. So bad, in fact, there are talks he could be missing the entire 2010 season because he is likely to have  microfacture surgery.

I was talking to a few Mets fans including CFoD reader Jon from Colorado and CFoD reader Joey from Coney Island about this. I actually spoke with Jon on FB when Beltran went on the disabled list.

This could Beltran’s last year in the majors. It sounds like the meniscus in his knee, which prevents the femur from grinding against the tibia, is gone. The two bones are grinding against each other. It is not comfortable.

Beltran is very much aware of this. It could be why he has decided to work harder in his training rather than resting.

If you are going to go, go out with a bang. Make an impact! Beltran is trying to do just that.

More information on this, including what when expert thinks, can be read on Metsblog.

I can only think of this as a reason to go after Carl Crawford. Too bad no deal could be reached that included the Indians and Rays. Angel Pagan will have to be our centerfielder for who knows how long.

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That is serious, that will have a major impact on 2010. Crawford isn’t a centerfielder, this will put a lot more pressure on the development of Fernando Martinez.

Tanya Mercado

Nilvio I’m not sold on Martinez. Too many injuries. That worries me. It started out the same way with Reyes. Pagan has been a good CF for the Mets. I would like to see the Mets get Crawford and get rid of Tatis. Maybe even Sheffield. Who knows if Sheff will be playing next year. I want some power coming from the outfield players. Pagan to me is not a power hitter. Francoeur has the potential to be, but is not just yet.


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