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I apologize in advance for any mistakes in the next few blogs. It is very late and I am taxed out.

Trades are always about talent. Who has the biggest talent? In return, who has the best prospects? It is about sell-off’s and buying. Is this person worth my top prospect?

More than likely, no. Bad teams get greedy and really stick it to the contending teams. They know they got what the contenders need. So their thought, and rightfully so, is “Pay up“.

I have been every bit supportive of Omar Minaya keeping the farm system in tact. People just do not get how important the farm is. It is crucial to this teams future.

Did you not see how Jonathan Niese has been pitching for the Mets? The kid should be 2-0.

Imagine a rotation with Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, Jonathan Niese, and Brad Holt. I left out Oliver Perez on purpose. I rather not think about him being in the rotation.

There were talks of the Mets pursuing catcher Victor Martinez of the Cleveland Indians. I would like to go on record I would LOVE for Martinez to be here. Are you kidding me? He’d make a nice addition behind Jeff Francoeur.

The Indians wanted Holt and Jenrry Mejia. No deal! However, I would meet them halfway. I’ll give up Mejia. I refuse to part with Holt. Come up with someone else.

So the Mets were said to be working on a three way trade between the Indians and Tampa. The Rays would get Martinez and the Mets would probably get Scott Kazmir because the Rays are itching to unload him.

I cannot say I blame them. I’m not all that convinced with this kid. He’s been on the DL too many times for comfort. There is even talk about him having Tommy John surgery at some point. Send him to the Mets, you’ll never see him again.

I understand the Red Sox and Yankees cannot seem to figure him out. Good for him. I’m starting to wonder if the Mets trading him away was a good thing. Maybe there really was something to worry about when it came to him.

No deal!

Jayson Stark of reports now it is the Red Sox and Indians in trade talks for Victor Martinez with a third team of who nobody is knows about. The Indians would get Clay Bucholz in return.

Guess the Indians are greedy. They want more talent. Who would the third team get then?

While that is happening, the Toronto Blue Jays seem to be keeping Roy Halladay. They cannot come to terms with any team.

They were close with the Texas Rangers. It fell through. Why the Jays are trading him away is beyond me! This is a guy you keep and build your team around.

Canadians! What are you going to do?

I would love it if the Mets could make a big splash. Personally, I do not see it happening.

Any team would make the Mets cut off their arms and legs. probably their head too. Though that would not be a bad idea considering all of the boneheaded things they have been up to.

If I were a GM, any team that is in contention, I would make them bleed. Give me what I want and you’ll get what you want. So I really cannot blame these other GM’s.

Here’s a kicker for you.

MLB Trade Rumors reported the Florida Marlins were in talks with the San Diego Padres to get closer Heath Bell.

Really? Where were the Marlins going to get the money to pay him. He may only be making $1,255,000 this year, but he’ll be commanding more later.

Needless to say it will not happen as the Fishies do not want to part with Andrew Miller or Sean West.

So they have moved on to pursue Nick Johnson from the Washington Nationals. At least that is how Ken Rosenthal is reporting it. Here’s how the deal is and accomodations the Marlins would have to make:

The proposed deal would send Class AAA right-hander Ryan Tucker to Washington, with the Nationals paying part of the approximately $1.8 million remaining on Johnson’s contract.

Jorge Cantu would move from first to third base for the Marlins. Third baseman Emilio Bonifacio would take over the injured Alfredo Amezaga’s super-utility role.

Interesting. Nick Johnson on the Marlins? Another name Mets fans were mentioning to bring aboard.

Think about this first. This is his only healthy year. Do you want to send prospects down to DC for a man who is well known to break down? I think the Mets have had enough of that thank-you-very-much.

To get something, you have to give up the farm. Especially if you are contender. Everybody is doing it. Minaya will not. So I think you can determine what will happen before the deadline.

I will be happy with a Jeff Francoeur/Ryan Church type of trade.

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