Pinstripes To Stay

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Someone left a comment on the site regarding the pinstripe jerseys. I was chatting with Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post on Twitter. (Follow him here. Follow me here.)

We were talking about the Los Mets jerseys. Listen, I may be latina, but I hate those jerseys. So I mentioned that to him.

I also told him how the Mets are considering getting rid of the pinstripe jerseys. He even said it would be a travesty if they did.

Well this person read my post. He left a comment stating the Mets are replacing them with creme colored jerseys like the Philadelphia Phillies are wearing.

Creme colored? What’s next? Pastels? Give me a break! I hate those creme colored jerseys.

I called the Mets Clubouse Shop and was told if the Mets were to change the pinstripes, they would be told a year in advance. The only jersey that would get changed is the batting jersey.

I highly doubt they will make creme colored batting jerseys. Why not just put tables and chairs on the field and have some tea and crumpets? Instead of batting gloves, wear white gloves. The pinky goes in the air, gentlemen.

So there you have it. For now, the pinstripes are staying.

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Denise Winter

This was the most humorous post I have seen in a long time. “pastels?”, “tea and crumpets”, “the pinky goes in the air gentlemen” hahaha LOVE IT!! Glad the pinstripes are staying!!

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Denise. I thought it deserved every bit of sarcasm that I could muster. lol I’m glad too. Now I can FINALLY get my Pelfrey jersey.


Lmao…love this blog. Filled with “Tanyaisms”..Glad to see their Pinstripes are staying. Now can they wear the blue caps only when rocking the Pinstripes so it’ll have that 1969 look ?!? I know most fans like this look. Come on Mets do it !


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