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New York Mets general manager, Omar Minaya, made a very loud statement this past Friday by not making a trade. He believes in this team.

How did the team respond? With a loss on Friday. That loss goes to Jerry Manuel for putting Angel Berroa in the game.

On Saturday, the Mets showed Minaya he put his faith in the right guys. The team fought back, not once, but twice. The capper? A grand slam by Angel Pagan to put the Mets up 9-5.

It was the second grand slam of the homestand. The Mets are getting it done.

Minaya had offers on the table. From Victor Martinez to Scott Kazmir and more. He did not pull the trigger. Rightfully so. The price was higher than a Tiffany solitaire engagement ring.

I’m not sold on Kazmir anymore. I’ve addressed that. I would have loved to have Martinez on this team. Just not at the asking price.

Twitter has become my new best friend. I get the best quotes from Mets fans there. Here’s what one fan had to say and I could not agree more:

The same fans who ripped Omar for the poor farm system are now ripping him for not trading away top prospects in a deadline deal.

Seriously people! Use your heads. Make up your minds. Once upon a time Mets fans were smart. You knew your baseball. Stop acting desperate.

Minaya cannot give up the prospects. Think of what it has meant to have Jonathan Niese up in the majors. The Mets may never have started their win streak.

Picture a rotation with Niese and Brad Holt. It will compliment Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey. I pretty much give up on Oliver Perez. He is a hopeless cause. Whatever happens is going to happen.

Then where would the Mets be years from now? Back in the cellar while the Washington Nationals pass us. Very sad!

The Mets have the waiver deadline to work with right now. So that is what the focus will be on. If possible, I would like to see a bat. I would also like to see someone to relieve Perez of his job permanently. Those walks drive me crazy.

The Mets appreciate the vote of confidence by Minaya. They will repay him by playing hard. They’ve been doing that since the Houston series last weekend.

Minaya is not a stupid man. He knows what he is doing, contrary to popular belief.

Who would have thought Luis Castillon, Pagan, Murphy, and Jeff Francoeur would have been the key guys to help right this ship?

Francoeur was the primary guy to get this team going. He has relieved David Wright of pressure and now Wright can perform to what he should be doing.

Stop putting Minaya’s head on the chopping block. He was right! You were wrong! Maybe your heads should be on the chopping block!

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efrain rivera

ok i agree but,i think omar has a gag order cause, i dont believe they trust him and,he will be fired at years end!!!


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