Are The Mets For Real?

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Many Mets fans started jumping for joy when the Mets had a five game win streak going. This group includes yours truly. We started to believe maybe the Mets have a chance.

Are fans still thinking that after the past four games?

I certainly do not. The Mets are falling back into their “win-one-lose-one” pattern. This is not helping them. The Phillies have lost two in a row. Teams ahead of them in the Wild Card have lost the same games too. Naturally, the Mets fail to take advantage.

It really is hard to take the Mets run seriously. I understand they are trying. Nobody can fault them for that. I just think there are more things that can be done to improve this team.

For example, taking out the trash. Let’s see. Angel Berroa is trash. Put him in the bin. Who else? I would love to send Oliver Perez in there. How can we forget Tim Redding? Trash!

Cory Sullivan? Not so much trash. Just too soft of a player to make it in New York. He’s not really a contributor. Just another body to take up space. With Gary Sheffield back, he should’ve been sent out.

There are no real moves-and-shakers on this team.

Do not misunderstand me. Jeff Francoeur has been the key to this team hitting again, period. This team would not be where it is without him. Yet I’m not comfortable with this team getting it done.

At first I thought it could happen. I saw the streak and thought it was possible. Now I am questioning it once again. The Mets can never seem to turn the switch on and keep it there. After a streak like they had, they should have built on it.

They lost the doubleheader. No problem! Even Joe Torre said it is incredibly hard to do and it is rarely ever done. I had no issues with that. Then they lose on Friday. Win on Saturday. Lose on Sunday.

So will they win today? Nobody knows.

The Mets lack consistency. It is something they need to get on a roll. The pitchers need to stop walking batters. If Perez walks another batter, I am going to send a fastball straight to his head. Same With Mike Pelfrey. It is disgusting and should not be happening.

Just the fact that Perez said “Walks are a part of the game”, he should be slapped. Walks may be a part of the game, but you need to minimize it. Where did he get his logic from?

It is not wise to expect a pitcher to never walk a batter. He will walk at least one or two per game because,  like Perez said, it is a part of the game. However, you have to limit it. Walks are never smart. I am not a fan of intentional walks.

Remember Armando Benitez? Every time he intentionally walked a batter, he would get wild. It takes a pitcher off his game. You run the risk of them getting wild and throwing pitches behind the backstop or hitting a batter.

Walks are a dangerous game. I would not play it unless I know I will win.

The Mets hitters really need to step up their game again. They keep coming on strong only to tank again the next day. I’m not talking about power. You do not have to swing for the fences to score runs. Little things matter.

Running the basepaths with intelligence, stealing bases, hitting singles and doubles can also get it done.

Enough with the doubleplays. This team has hit into 95 doubleplays with Fernando Tatis leading the pack with 13. He is followed by David Wright and Luis Castillo with 10 each.

Doubleplays cost runs. I would say limit them, but in this case, just stop altogether. These GDP’s have cost the Mets more runs than I care to think about resulting in plenty of losses. They have killed countless rallies. ENOUGH!

So I’m not sure how I feel about the Mets and their chances to make the playoffs. Can they make it? Mathematically they can.

Will they is a whole other matter. That is up to them. How badly do they want it? They seemed to have come to life in a week and died again in a weekend. The Mets need another hot streak along with key players.

This season is now in the hands of the players. It is clear Omar Minaya is not going to do anything to help out. He is still waiting on the calvary.

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I got back to what I wrote at the 1/4 mark of the season in May, before the injuries really took their toll. The Mets were just a .500 team then, and worse now. I learned after the past 2 years NOT to get my hopes up, and I just didn’t see that magic in the team going back to April. One thing I said in that post was that “a good team/player can have a bad game or bad stretch, and similarly, a bad team/player can look good for a period of time.” That 5 game winning streak was just a good stretch for a relatively bad team. Even last year’s team was nothing more than a glorified .500 club, and that’s what the core has been aside from one successful regular season.


The Mets need a “sparkplug” player. Someone who will ignite the team and lead by example. Francouer is a great clubhouse addition, bu tis not fiery enough,think Dykstra or Backman or even Gary Carter. Any team can win with a big HR threat, so we need tio get off the “we have no power” whine! Like you said , if you do the little things right , you WILL win ballgames. The key is to do them consistently! The GDP’s are killing us as is the men left on base in general. We need better situational hitting. Pelfrey also needs to decide what kind of pitcher he is, lately he is trying to a power pitcher and i’m not sure that works for him!


it’s so true. It’s all about how badly they want it. And unfortunately, I don’t think this team wants it that badly. And I totally agree about that GDPs. Oye vay!


I don’t think it is about wanting it Denise, I think it is about Talent. The mets are just not as talented as other teams. They have 2 months, a lot can happen in two months. If the mets can win 5 games a week for the next 5 weeks, they will put themselves in position to make the playoffs. One week at a time.


I keep on telling myself “One game at a time.” but after losing 3 of 4 to the ragamuffin D-Backs i really don’t have high hopes for this Mets team. I’ll still take it 1 game at a time but man i long for the good old days of 2006.


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