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By / August 5, 2009 / Injuries

Do I really even need to say it? Another man is hurt. Like the Mets can really afford it?

During today’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Jonathon Niese was hurt after a play at first base in the second inning. It gets worse. Of course it does! When trying to throw off the mound as a warm-up, he threw the pitch and crumpled down onto the mound writhing in pain.

Mets fans just shook their heads in not-so disbelief. With the way this season has been going, nothing shocks the fans anymore.

It gets worse still. Well duh! Why wouldn’t it? The Mets second most dominant pitcher was diagnosed with a tear in his right hamstring. Yes ladies and gentlemen, his season is over.

Our wonderful Niese, probably one of our favorite prospects next to Brad Holt, is going to have surgery. He will be ready for Spring Training. There’s something to think about and get excited. Niese will most certainly be in the rotation next year.

One man’s tragedy is another man’s success. Such was the case for Nelson Figueroa. After handing the game over to the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday, Figueroa sought out redemption. He knew this was his last chance to prove he belongs here. Well he did it quite well.

Figueroa came in to pitch out of the bullpen when Niese was taken off the field. Figueroa allowed zero runs in 4 1/3 innings giving him win number one.

It was a great performance by the Mets’ pitcher who keeps getting thrown between the big club and the minors. I have said in the past I am not sure if Figueroa is a starter. I see him more as a long man out of the bullpen. So far, he has proved that is exactly what he is.

So now you have to wonder if Tim Redding is going to be place back in the rotation. God help us if he is. Somebody will have to join the rotation. But who?

Niese, get well soon. We look forward to seeing you next year. You were one of the few bright spots of this 2009 season. Great job! See you in 2010.

Oh, did I mention Gary Sheffield left the game with discomfort in his hamstring once again. And he had a problem with not being in the game on Sunday. That was a good call by Jerry Manuel.

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I’m not shocked by todays injuries to Niese and Sheffield. I do feel really bad for Niese. He’s young and part of the Mets future so seeing him needing help to get off the field was something i rather not see. But nothing will beat what happend to Luis Castillo last night. Castillo slipped on the dugout steps after his AB and twisted his ankle. You just cannot make this stuff up. That Castillo injury sums up the 2009 Mets season.

Tanya Mercado

The Castillo injury reminds me of what happens to women when they wear high heels. I feel for him. An ankle sprain is not comfortable. Ugh! He was doing so well this year too.


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