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As you all know, I went out to to the Comix Comedy Club last week to see the 12 Angry Mascots show. Julie Alexandria was a guest on the show.

The Mets seemed to have been the topic of choice.

My favorite part of the show was the drama with Tony Bernazard and the new Mets new top prospect, 16 year old Fernando Escobar. I wish I had video of the Bernazard skit.

Here’s a video that was shown at the show to give Mets fans a taste of the future of those New York Mets.

For upcoming shows at Comix by the 12 Angry Mascots, head on over to their website: 12 Angry

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What a great way to start my week. That was sooooo funny. I love every bit of it! Thanks for the entertainment Tanya!

PS. That was film in brooklyn, I actually played there (mccarren park on bedford avenue). Let me just say, that might be the worst baseball field, I ever played on. There was no grass, and a lot of rocks. Players were afraid to slide. I did lead the league in home runs and rbis one year. If you hit a line drive over the shortstops head, it would roll forever.

Tanya Mercado

I was trying to figure out where that park was. Nilvio, you had to watch the skit after that. They had brought the kid to the show to be interviewed and “Tony Bernazard” went after him. It was so funny. Glad you enjoyed it.

This is why you are a coach now. You were a great player. 🙂


I will do that. Thanks for the entertainment; in a poor season you can still entertain!

I don’t know how great I was, that park was coors field. A hitters dream!


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