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From what I have seen, the Mets are not getting their money’s worth in Francisco Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is approaching numbers that reflect his rookie season with the Anaheim Angels.

Let me rundown the stats for all the stats geeks out there.

He has a 3.24 ERA which is the highest in all of his career. Second highest was 3.03 back in 2003.

He has walked 30 batters thus far and will most certainly surpass his highest total of 35 back in 2003, his first full year.

Rodriguez has also only struckout 51 hitters. That is the lowest total in his career. His highest was 124 back in 2004.

I hardly think this is what Mets management had in mind when they decided to give him three years at $37 million. Do you?

Either he is hurt or he just is not as good as we all hoped he would be!

Well, the Mets would have us believe that he is fine. It could be true. In an interview with the Star Ledger, Rodriguez had this to say about his blown-saves:

When you have a three-run lead, you have an edge. You know you have something to work with.

But when you’re down by a lot or up by a lot, you don’t have that edge. You don’t build yourself up. It’s different.

Bueno Papa! With the Mets paying you good money, you better figure out a way to build yourself up. I do not care what the score is. Get the job done!

Jerry Manuel chalks it up the lack of work to give to Rodriguez.

Since the Mets are so lousy and do not have many save opportunities, Rodriguez does not get many chances. So Manuel has to use him in non-save situations.

Makes sense. I would do the same thing. You have to give your pitchers work.

So it is all being blamed on the consistent lack of work for him. He is a specialist. He saves games. That is his job. He’s done it for years.

What can be done? Nothing. Unless you can hand him consistent save opportunities on a silver platter, he’ll keep blowing games.

So continues the downward spiral to hell that is the New York Mets 2009 season. Just deal with it.

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Great Blog Tanya as always. I must agree with you on K-Rod, something is not right with him. If LA Angels owner Artie Moreno (who has millions.) does not make it a point to resign K-Rod then you gotta think somethings wrong. Who knows Rodriguez better the Moreno and the Angels ?!? Go back a little and think about how the Braves let Tom Glavine go and sign with the Mets. Now i know K-Rod is was much younger then Glavine when the Mets signed him. But you gotta ask yourself why the Angels like the Braves(with Glavine.) let him go. I hope i’m wrong but i have a bad feeling about this signing going foward into the next few years.


Krod was the best closer in the Majors the first half of the year. Because he blew a couple of saves and not pitching that well, not something is wrong. I think we forget that baseball players are humans and there will always be a winner and a loser on every play. Either the pitcher gets a guy out or he gets on base. Look back two weeks. Albert Pujols was 0-11 at one point in the mets series. 0-11. Does that mean, something is wrong with him? I bet no one said anything about it. It is a part of the game. the Angels were looking for a closer near the deadline, so I think that means they made a big mistake not re-signing Krod. Tom glavine did not end his career well with the Mets. But, lets not forget that he was a pretty good pitcher in year 2 and most of year 3 with the Mets.

Sometimes, we Met fans just want to be negative. It is simple met fans. We don’t have a good baseball team right now, at any level. Let’s play hard. Let’s bring up some younger “talent”, see what they can do. And let’s get some of our stars the treatment and rehabiliation they need.


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