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By / August 12, 2009 / Injuries

What an interesting development! Carlos Delgado, who had hip replacement sur…oh wait. It was not “hip replacement”. My mistake. I wonder what could have possibly made me think that.

He had arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone spur and to repair a torn labrum in his right hip suffered a set back. Delgado is currently in New York being examined. As of right now, it is a strain of the right oblique.

I wonder what they will call it a week from today.

Meanwhile, Billy Wagner, who had Tommy John surgery last year, is scheduled to join the team at Citi Field this Saturday. He will be activated for duty on Sunday.

This, I know, makes many fans happy, including CFoD reader Diana. She is the biggest Wags fan I know.

It’s amazing how a man who was supposed to miss all of 2010 is already coming back, yet everyone who was supposed to come back is suffering setback after setback.

Wagner has been working with Chris Correnti, who came to the Mets at the insistence of Pedro Martinez. I wish he could work with the rest of the Mets.

Here is the key. Wagner is determined to come back. This is what makes Wagner great. He is a competitor. He knows what it takes and will get it done. A guy like him is the kick in the pants the Mets need.

Realistically, the Mets have no shot at the playoffs. Too many games out and too many teams ahead of them. Yet, mathematically, they are not.

Imagine a clubhouse with Billy Wagner.

Here is a guy who can throw heat, but spit out heat as well. He will put players in their place without a care in the world who the player is and what their status is. Wags is a spit-fire.

That’s what the New York Mets need. He’ll cut anybody in a New York minute. Jerry Manuel can learn a thing or two from him.

Wagner brings everything the Mets need at this point. Mets fans should be very excited about coming back.

I want to hear that excitement when Billy Wagner makes his 2009 debut on Sunday.

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Ed Leyro

Yes, yes, yes! I think the fans will get very excited when they hear the first chords of “Enter Sandman”. I hope he comes into the game Monday night because I’ll be there! Welcome back, Mighty Mouse!


As long as Wags is playing for his teammates and not just Mr.Wilpon then i’ll be Amped that he’s back. Kudos to Wags he did bust his rear end to comeback and his hard work has brought him back to NY. good work sandman !


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