Mets Slash Ticket Prices

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It has finally happned. With the chances of the Mets reaching the playoffs coming pretty close to zero, the Mets have finally decided to cut prices.

The LA Times reported the Mets will be slashing prices on 13 of 26 remaining games. In some cases, almost as much as 50 percent. Metropolitan Box seats are going down from $180 to $90.

Four other games will be reduced by 40 percent and three others by 33-34 percent.

How generous!

Mets spokesman David Newman made this statement:

As in previous years, we continue to provide special offers for select and limited inventory for single game tickets to select games.

More like this team has just been ravaged by injuries and just out right have stunk up Flushing.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The stench you smell in the area known as Flushing is not the junkyard or the water. It is the New York Mets.


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