Schoenweis On The Disabled List

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On May 20th, the Scott Schoenweis and the rest of the family suffered a horrible tragedy when he found his wife, Gabrielle, dead in their home.

He had already been on a three week bereavement list. Well, the Arizona Diamondbacks feel it was not enough time. They have placed the pitcher on the 15-day disabled list for depression.

Nobody can blame him. Honestly, I do not see 15 days being enough. I would just end his season now and let him be with this children.

I can never imagine what he and the kids are going through. Nobody should have to go through that.

It is not about getting over it. It is about learning how to cope. That is what Schoenweis is going to have to do.

The family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep them in yours as well.

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I will pray for Schoenweis and him kids too. So sad what has happend to his wife.


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