An Injured Wright

By / August 13, 2009 / Injuries

Word on the street is David Wright suffered a strain behind his right knee. It is being said it is not serious.

Probably a week from now it will be serious. When it comes to the players and their injuries, they cannot get anything right. When they finally do get it right, it is too late and the player is out for the season.

Wright expects to be in the lineup on Friday. Jerry Manuel has not said if he will have him play tomorrow.

In the ninth inning during yesterday’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Wright appeared to have been in pain when he was sent to second base after a single and throwing error.

Naturally the trainer’s came out to check on him. He waved them off. Manuel said Wright had soreness behind the knee and “appeared to have been favoring his groin muscle”.

After the game yesterday, Wright made this comment about the trainer’s coming to check on him and being examined when he gets to New York:

There’s nothing wrong… They’re always too cautious with all of us… I’m just a little banged up.  I’ll be in there.  I’m good to go.

I’m not sure who’d be checking me out.

Really? Too cautious? When did that happen? Players have been playing with so called “not serious” injuries all season, only to be placed on the disabled list and gone for the entire season.

Wright needs to shut his mouth and take care of his injury.

I’m tired of players acting like they know it all. I understand it is their body. But they can make mistakes. The only thing these players know is how to play baseball, and even that you have to question.

They know nothing about medicine. If they are hurt, then they should sit before they make it worse.

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