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My message to SF Giants pitcher Matt Cain. I should say more like my warning.

Walk the streets of New York City very carefully. You have now become the primary target of every Mets fan in New York and around the country. I’d watch my back if I were you.

CFoD readers Jessica and Kerin are more than willing to kick your butt right back to Frisco.

As I am sure you are all well aware of, Cain hit David Wright with a pitch right on his head. While Wright was able to walk off the field with the help of the Mets trainers, now he lies in a hospital with a concussion for observation.

Now I understand it was a mistake. There was no reason to hit Wright unless Cain just wanted to finish the Mets off by killing our last man standing. Yet, I found it deplorable that he tipped his cap at the fans when he was taken out of the game after the Mets score three runs off of him.

Johan Santana had the right idea in hitting two of the Frisco batters, though he denies intentionally hitting Benjie Molina and Pablo Sandoval. He threw behind Sandoval.

I do not buy that story. Latinos tend to be vengeful. If you hit him, you hit him. Big deal! You were protecting your player.

My favorite quote from Santana after the game was when he told the media:

I do not have to explain what I did to you [the media].

Then he continued on by saying:

I feel like I have to protect my teammates.

You can call that whatever you want. But there’s no question we are in this thing together, and I’m going to protect them the same way they protect me.

Santana is an old school player. The rest of this team could learn a lot from him. He is a no nonsense guy who demands respect and gets it, from everybody.

As far as the team protecting him, when did that happen? At last I checked, they have lost more of his games than any other pitcher on the staff.

So now Wright will probably miss at least a week. The Mets cannot rush him back after an injury like that. Remember Ryan Church? Let’s hope the Mets have learned their lesson.

Get well soon David! No rush. It is a lost season after all.

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Ed Leyro

Very well written. Pitchers have been throwing inside to David Wright all season, especially after he became the lone man standing, so to speak. It was less than two weeks ago that Brad Thompson threw one near the head of Wright after Albert Pujols was hit by a Nelson Figueroa pitch. I just wish that Santana had buzzed Cain with a pitch instead of Sandoval. Sandoval retaliated with a home run. Cain would’ve retaliated with a meek grounder at best.


All season pitchers have thrown inside at DW. It was only a matter of time before DW got hit with a pitch. It’s scary seeing anyone get hit in the head. Being it was DW brought flashbacks of Piazza getting hit in the head by Clemens. While i sure that Cain did not mean to hit DW in the head with that pitch. He did show zero class by tipping his Cap when he left the game in the 8th to a chorus of boos. That showed me he did not regret what he did to DW. For that i’d like to see him get a tour of NY by you Tanya. I’m sure you’ll show Cain “The Bronx”….lol.

Denise Winter

You forgot to tell Cain to sleep with one eye open !!! lol It sucks though, b/c now David won’t be playing tomorrow when we go 🙁 Great blog though, as always.


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