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By / August 18, 2009 / Injuries

One of many complaints Mets fans have made is the lack of heart this team has. The lack of grit was evident down the stretch.

There was one player who is perhaps among the grittiest this year. Last year, I gave that award to Fernando Tatis. This year it goes to Alex Cora.

Cora has been playing this year with two torn ligaments in both of his thumbs since June. Mind you, he already had a torn ligament back in May.

Listen, there are many of who cry over a paper cut. Try playing with torn ligaments. Try holding, much less swinging, a bat with torn ligaments in your thumbs.

Well, he is now the next man to be out for the season. Jonathon Niese was the first. Personally, I am ready to add John Maine, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, and JJ Putz.

Cora will be having surgery on both thumbs. According to, this is how it will go:

Cora will likely have surgery on his right thumb on Thursday and, after five weeks, have a second operation on the left.

Cora is a free agent at the end of this year. I would like to see the Mets bring him back. He’s a great player and leader.

He was never supposed to play as much as he did this year. With the injury to Reyes, he really had no choice. He played through his pain. Cora has a lot to be proud of and he knows it:

Looking back, I’m very proud of what I tried to accomplish in trying to help this team to win. I’ve got to take care of myself.

It is nice to know that at least one Mets player has the common sense to know when he is licked and has to shut it down.

It is being said he should be fully recovered by December.

However, even he said that if the Mets were in contention, he would try to play through the pain.

Hope to see you in Spring Training in 2010 Cora. Get well soon! You were among my favorites this year. Great job!

I hope during this offseason, the Mets get more players like Cora. A hard-core player who puts it all on the line. A great leader! Someone who is willing to go the distance no matter what.

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Cora did a very serviceable job for the mets. I have no complaints. The cora family has a lot of good baseball minds and toughness. Joey and Alex will be great managers. Personally, I would want to bring Joey Cora in here to manage. I think he would do a great job! He reminds me a lot of Wally Backman and he will make the fundamentals a priority. Things like throwing strikes, productive outs, base running, and catch the ball.

Frank Rosado

I would like to see Cora back next year as well! For a couple of years now everyone(myself included) has been lamenting the apparent lack of toughness on the Mets. Fans and press alike have said the team needs a hard nosed player; think Lenny Dykstra ; to add some mental toughness and leadership. Well Cora has displayed those qualities!! My only concern would be where does Jerry Manuel play him , if he comes back next year?


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