Finally Livan Is Gone

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It is about time that Livan Hernandez is gone. I have no idea why people are surprised by this. He should have been gone back in July.

The Mets released Livan today to make room for Billy Wagner. Tim Redding, who has an ERA over six, will be taking Livan’s place for the game this Saturday. Not sure how much better that is.

Manager Jerry Manuel had this to say about Livan earlier:

First of all, I have the utmost respect for Livan Hernandez.

I had a great relationship with him throughout [his time with the Marlins], but we as an organization and as a team felt it was time to move in a different direction.

Yeah, like to someone who can actually pitch. Great move in getting rid of this guy. In his last seven games, his ERA topped at 10.13. Not a good thing to have in the rotation.

Good luck to you! We will not be seeing you here again unless you are pitching on another team. Good luck with that.

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Gumby is out of here ! Good News ! Pokey takes his spot on the staff ! Bad News !


as a 1/2 cuban im a bit sorry to see him go….us cubans stick together…woooo.. lol


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